Wednesday , December 8 2021

An Indian student died of a flu in Dubai


A 17-year-old girl attending a school in Dubai died two weeks after her death, the agency reports.

Aliya Niyaz Ali, a 12th grade pupil of Indian high school, came to class on Sunday. He later complained to influenza-like symptoms and his family took him to the hospital.

He was admitted to the Rashid Hospital on Tuesday afternoon and died in the evening. His funeral took place on Wednesday, the Haleeij Times reported on Thursday.

His colleagues and teachers are always remembered as part of energy and personal humility – kind, helpful, and very creative, "said the school.

His brother, Aman Ali, said in his diary: "It's just a symptom of the flu, and his illness has reached the hospital. The influenza virus has caused fluid in the heart and stomach, which has led to a decrease in blood pressure and resulted in his death. «

According to Zhania, Aliya fed cows and sandwiches on Sunday. Doctors prevented food poisoning because they did not have symptoms of nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

Last month, a 9-year-old Indian schoolmate in Indian private school died over a week after suffering influenza-related complications.

Aliya Niyaz Ali's Student Council advised parents to keep their children safe from influenza vaccine, to wash their hands, and to wear a mask for many people.

The same is true of sadness. "I do not want anyone to be with my cousin … People will not be against the flu … This is not a disease that is being healed from some of the medicines. health problems, "said Aman Ali.


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