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Athletes of the horse look forward to last year's FEI General Assembly – Equestrian sport


Founded in 1921 and former HRH Prince Philip and HRW Anne, based in Switzerland, the FEI, which is based in Switzerland, is now headed by President of Belgium, Ingmar De Vosto, who was officially re-elected this week. for a new four – year term. He is chairing many meetings with Secretary-General Sabrina Ibanes at the head of the organization. Indeed, he noted that on November 16-20, in Bahrain, there were direct or indirect participation of 116 national federations in the country, whose name means "two seas."

In his speech after his re-election, De Vos is currently present at a number of important issues including the testing of new forms of competition before the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, the implementation of a new commercial strategy and new partners, new technologies for horseman's fans, taking graphs and applications and finding a solution to the long-term problem of "Tolerance".

The General Assembly on the matter discussed the cases of Tryon FEI in North Carolina in North Carolina that led to the endurance competitiveness of September in the World Equestrian Equation and its subsequent removal. According to the Report on the Integrated Equestrian Association's Integrity Unit, "there was a number of problems, but the main thing is that there is no link between official bodies, especially radio stations, and the Organizing Committee, National Federations and Athletes, Wet Gate, and the decision to keep a full schedule of events …. he did not have enough resources to provide both these events and games. " The same body was also taken into account with the expectations of later.

The Secretary-General also discussed some issues, including the latest games, including construction and communication, and said, "We are confident that Tion is ready and ready for training. About 22 months before the Olympics. Their absence was not WEG 2018. "In the near future, if there is no current owner of the Games in 2022, FEI is open to the possibility of returning to individual championships in various disciplines, but the multi-stakeholder offers are preferred. "This does not mean the end of the FEI World Equestrian Games, and candidates for disciplinary games will still be considered," said Ibanes.

In other places on the agenda, John McEven, chairman of the UK Veterinary Committee, oversaw the amendment of the rules and highlighted issues such as the international horse carriage before becoming the honorable vice president of the federation. Other themes were transferred from transparencies and controls to replicas and helmets in the organization.

See here to see how some of the General Assembly meetings are alive. The next major international meeting for the FEI will be the 2019 FEI Sport Forum in Lausanne, Switzerland, which will serve as a basis for the decisions made by the Assembly. He is currently the 2018 FEI Awards submitted by Longhain in Bahrain. They include the Longines RIsing Star, Fosun Best Athlete, Best Brunette, All Odds, and FEI Solidarity Awards.

The next FEI General Assembly will be held in November 2019 in Moscow, and in 2020 the General Assembly of the FEI will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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