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Civil servants are calling for the "joint development" of Singapore, "Policy News" and "Best Talks"


Singapore – National Development Minister Lawrence Wong advises present-day civil servants, not just paperwork, but also stakeholders and Singapore.

The Government has not only not only made the way Singapore operates, but also "co-authoring solutions together" on Wednesday (November 21) to more than 500 public sector executives and officers.

The new approach requires civil servants to acquire new opportunities and skills, including the discussion of disagreements and building a consensus, "he said.

This task is "a lot of effort and time to work harder," he added. "But this will allow us to have close ties with the Singapore and achieve good results for all."

In the future of the future of Singapore, partnering with citizens began with workshops on interaction at the national level, such as the "Interview with Singapore", which called for officers to strengthen partnerships with stakeholders.

Before taking up politics, Mr. Wang, who was head of the Energy Market Authority, spoke at a dinner party for officers assigned to the Public Service Leadership Program.

Since its inception in 2013, more than 880 officers have been appointed for the development of infrastructure and environment in various fields.

They work with administrative staff to carry out public service.

The head of the Civil Service, Leo Yip, emphasized the need to strengthen the interaction of citizens.

Mr. Yip said last month that the Pilot Initiative for Leadership Attraction initiative was launched. It includes gathering officers and ground comments directly with citizens on the front line.

"I do not think it's enough to read reports of other officers' opinions … We understand the needs, concerns, concerns and expectations of citizens, and develop strong feelings and emotions," he said.

Mr. Wong said in his speech that the Government should "cut down" its efforts to build sustainable, inclusive growth and build a just and inclusive society.

Like other countries, Singapore is also facing issues of long-term economic growth, fast-growing populations and social mobility and inequality.

In his opinion, a well-functioning market is the best way to grow a business cake in the long term to increase the number of jobs, good payouts, and the standard of living for all people.

But the interests of workers and consumers should be protected, and the government will not be able to reach the highest levels and ensure market domination.

He needs good structured rules and Mr. Wong has given several examples, such as real estate refinement and control of the arrival of foreign workers.

But it is not fast, "he said. "We must always look for the earlier forecasts and revise the policy."

He also talked about the interaction with the former public service leader, Lim Siong Guan, in order not to diminish the importance of minor improvements or clear ideas.

As a young officer, he advised the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Lim, to make good ideas in the Staff recommendation scheme.

"He gave me this look, and I knew I had said the wrong thing."

Mr. Lim put him in the lecture and gave him a lecture on the propagation of a culture of minor improvements and made big or small suggestions from all the people in the organization.

Mr. Wong's invitation to engage citizens was welcomed by Assistant Director of Communications and Information Cacherel Sim.

According to him, all officers take part in feedback for Reach, who set up heavy pedestrian cabins to attract Singapore.

"Sometimes it's time to work outside of work, but you can better recall what services we care about and how our policies are taken, and what you have been commenting on, often surprises you," says Michel Sim.

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