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Climate Change The list of all roads that have changed the Earth in 2019 – Science


The earth is already warm, and it has been around 120,000 years old. Eighteen of the past 19 years were the warmest. Carbon dioxide concentration – strong greenhouse gases – they are at the highest level of 15 million years.

Such global climate conditions have a huge impact, and it is difficult to keep track of it. To get help, the list of news related to the 2019 climate, all of which is historic ice loss, to flood-hit cities. The more news you go, the list will be updated.

In 2018, carbon dioxide emissions from air travel increased.


At the beginning of 2019, Rhodium Group, a global research institute for economic and environmental analysis, has shown that CO2 emissions in the United States in 2018 will increase by 3.4 percent year-on-year. This is the second largest gain in the last two decades.

Robert McGrath, director of the Colorado Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute, has no role but has not considered it.

Antarctic icebreaker.


Antarctica is the home of the largest ice sheets on Earth, which is much faster than decades. As scientists have said, a large mass of ice often loses the ice to the sea, which causes immunity to smelting.

"People recognize that East Antarctica can wake up," says Josh Wallis, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, at the Earth's Glacier Glacier.

"Antarctica will be frozen and well-behaved in the east for 50 to 100 years," he explained.

Coffee beans


Thirty-fold reduction of the disease, climate change and degradation threaten 60 percent of the planet's wild coffee. However, although it has spoiled the coffee in the world yet, it prevents your favorite coffee from resisting planetary changes.

"As the farmers are changing the pressure of the pests, the genetic diversity of wild plants may be important for the cultivation of new coffee varieties that can withstand this stress," said Nathan Muller, Associate Professor of University of Earth System Science. California, Irwin, studies global food security.

Red, oranges and snakes show global temperatures from 2017 to mid-temperature. «Class =» «data-caption =» The red, oranges and snakes 2017 show the global temperature as compared to the average temperature. Data-credit-name = "nasa" data-credit-provider = "user type" src = " .png% 252Ffit-in__1200x9600.png? signature = ceEcV3N2xhDs6mA2pV59qB6-pRg = & source = https% 3A% 2F% «title =» Red, oranges and snakes 2017 will have a global temperature shows.

Red, oranges and snakes show average temperatures from 2017 to mid-temperature.

Americans believe that today's climate science is most reliable, and that's why it's the worst drought, hurricane, and record breakdown.

The results of a survey conducted by the Chicago Institute's Energy Policy Institute and the Associated Press-NORC Public Relations Center in November 2018 show that about half the Americans are "five years back, regardless of weather conditions, their attitudes".

Temperature forecasting in early February 2019. «Class =» «data-caption =» Temperature forecast in the beginning of February 2019. "Data-credit-name =" MAIN / CLIMATE REANALYZER UNIVERSITY "data-credit-provider =" custom type "src =" -b574-049da2c83f0e.png% 252Ffit-in__1200x9600.png? signature = jLj8QMzVkDjvRthcYPgJqUSfkrA = & source = https% 3A% 2F% «title =» Temperature forecast in early February 2019.

Temperature forecast in early February 2019.


Polar casting has become a popular phenomenon for intelligent reasoning: this weakening of the polar vortex and subsequent cold air distribution is common in the past twenty years.

"We often meet these delays," said Jeff Weber, a meteorologist at the University of Atmospheric Research.

Although this increase in polar vortex rate is a hotspot of research, the emergence of one theory dramatically reduces the Arctic ice. The Arctic doubles the heat, leaving the rest of the globe and the ice cover falling. As a result, recent climate studies have no ice cover – high heat from the oceans. Ultimately, researchers say that this relatively warm air interacts with and weakens the Arctic winds, allowing glacial air to travel southward, such as Cleveland and New York.

Arctic air flows to the United States on January 31, 2019. "Class =" "data-caption =" Arctic air arrives to the United States on January 31, 2019. "Data-credit-name =" CLIMATE REANALYZER / MAIN UNIVERSITY "data-credit-provider =" user type "src =" -ba82-2906c2cc9446.png% 252Ffit-in__1200x9600.png? Arctic air comes to the south from the United States on January 31, 2019. The Arctic Air comes to the south from January 31, 2019.

Arctic air to the south of the US, January 31, 2019


While some parts of the winter were cold, the US daily cold records were consistently dropped by the number of heat or high temperature records. The report is not even close. Over the past decade, the high performance indicators have dropped by less than two indicators.

Over the past 10 years, 21461 records have been recorded and 11,466 dubas have been recorded daily.

"Climate scientist Michael Mann of the Penn State University states:" The trend is expected as a result of our thermal planet.

Weather Station in Himalayas Hindus-Kush Data-credit-name = "data-credit-name =" JITENDRA BAJRACHARYA / ICIMOD<br />The user-data-credit-provider = "src =" The weather station in the Himalayas region is Hindus-Kush.” itemscope=”” itemtype=””/></p><figcaption class=

Weather station in the Hindu Kush Himalaya area.


In addition to the constant misleading news from the North and South poles, the melting of the Third Pole is called the Hindu Kush Chimala Zone. This mountainous country, spreading to more than 2,000 miles from eight countries (from Afghanistan to Myanmar), is the third largest ice skating rink on the planet and provides hundreds of millions of people with water.

In the most optimistic cases, more than one third of the ice disappears by the end of the century. But climatic global efforts have not been undertaken, and two-thirds of the strongest glaciers may disappear.

Senior lecturers and doctors of the Department of Ecological Geomatics at the University of British Columbia in the North Sea, Joseph Shee, say: "Glaciers, this is not a great event.

US Capitol Building in Washington, USA class = "data-caption =" US Capitol Building in Washington "data-credit-name =" SHUTTERSTOCK / NICOLAS AGUIAR "data-credit-provider =" custom type "src = https: / «title =» The capital city of Washington, DC

Capitol building in Washington DC


The Committee on Science, Space and Technology of the US House of Representatives is not under the leadership of the Republican Party, which is openly opposed to global climate science.

Congressman Eddie Burns Johnson, a Texas-based lawyer, was invited to hear on 13 February, "Climate Condition and Why It Is This." Four scientists are invited to give testimonies about US climatic problems. the ultimate climate science.

Climate scientist Bob Kopp of the Rutgers University and author of the Fourth National Climate Change COP, approved at the Congress, described the critical position he had planned and said in an interview: "Climate change is reality, it is happening now and it is responsible for human beings." federal legislators.

Half of the sunlight is "class =" "data-caption =" Half of the Sun "data-credit-provider =" custom type "src =" https: // uploads% 252Fcard% 252Fimage% 252F950940% 252Feead396e-a823-478f-b6d1-d696e06cb791.png% 202Ffit-in__1200x9600.png? signature = uJsq17ynf5BPwtr-tEMlLYxqwa8 = & source = https% 3A% 2F% 2Fblueprint «title =» Half of the daylight.

Half of the sunlight.

In early 2017, the Trump administration tried to secure NASA's 3 or OCO-3 carbon monitors in the orbit. It did not work. Then, in 2018, the White House tried to stop the science of the earth.

A three-dimensional spacecraft of the refrigerator has been rebuilt.

Now, SpaceX launches OCO-3 for the International Space Station in the following months – until April 25. Using a long robotic arm, the cosmonauts are the strong greenhouse gas, which joins the surface of the space station, the OCO-3, measuring the level of CO2 concentration on the planet.

"Carbon dioxide is the most important gases emitted into the atmosphere," says Anmary Eldering, a research fellow at the NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, DCC-3. "It's important to understand how to play in the future."

In 2017, the Earth's temperature was much faster than the average. Data-credit-name = "NASA" provider = "user type" src = "" Data-credit = "data-caption =" In 2017, the Earth's temperature was significantly warmer than the average. % 252Fcard% 252Fimage% 252F950946% 252F6a0ff26e-7003-4ca5-a839-407427117212.jpg% 252Ffit-in__1200x9600.jpg? Signature = DZbLJF3oD3l1IuTZ2ym_JCcKNUM = & source = https% 3A% 2F% «title = »In 2017 the Earth's temperature was much warmer than the average.

In 2017, the Earth's temperature was much faster than the average.

Here are the statistics: 18 years in the past 19 years on Earth has been the warmest in history.

However, the warmth of the planet in the 21st century will become a record in comparison with the coldest years. Climate scientist Simon Donner, who studies human climate change at the University of British Columbia, Published on Twitter, all of the 20 cold years of the planet existed only one century ago, from 1884 to 1929.

The coldest year record was in 1904.

The green zone indicates an increase in the area covered with green leaf. «Class =» «data-caption =» The green zone shows an increase in the area covered by green leaves. "Data-credit-name =" nasa "data-credit-provider =" custom type "src =" .png% 252Ffit-in__1200x9600.png? signature = 1624Uh1VXDzjPM9TQ86LgP_DpT4 = & source = https% 3A% 2F% 2F% «title =» Green zones show an increase in the number of green areas covered.

The green zone indicates an increase in green spaces.

Both NASA satellites have been watching the Earth's advancing over the past 20 years – most of which have been worn for planting millions of trees.

Landscaping of the land means an increase in the area covered by green leaf – from the mid-1990s to the greatest success in China and India. "This impression is largely due to the rapid growth of planting programs in China and the intensive agriculture of the two countries," he said.

In the 1990s, China began the mobilization of trees to combat erosion, climate change and air pollution. This is a special planting – sometimes made by soldiers – more than 40 percent of China's green planting.

New Contract Project: Chickamauga dam "class =" "data-caption =" New Deal: Chickamauga Dam "data-credit-name =" SHUTTERSTOCK / EVERETT TARGETIC "data-credit-provider =" custom type "src =" https: // 2F% 2Fblueprint-api- «title =» New Deal: Chickamauga Dam.

New Deal: Chickamauga Dam.


The scope of the "green new deal" – if this program really corresponds to the original New Deal range, will prevent millions of Americans from getting employed, but can change their mood, culture, and spirit. United States of America in the 21st century.

The new deal did not just pay for the construction of people. People were engaged in healing the people. They planted three billion trees. They built multinational bridges and roads. Today we went through their tunnels and walked through the parks.

"They return to show their families what they have done at the end of their lives because they are proud of it," says historian Geoffrey Brechin, a historian and New Deal scientist.

CO2 concentrations around the Earth are higher (represented by shadows and red). "Data-credit-name =" nasa "credit-provider" = "user type" src = "https: //mondrian.mashable" = "data-caption =" CO2 concentration around the Earth is higher (shown in the shadows and in red) .com / uploads% 252Fcard% 252Fimage% 252F950974% 252F409c16d4-9793-4624-9c82-e0ea84a78446.jpg% 252Ffit-in__1200x9600.jpg signature = _nQOXI1nIXB96bqxvHuccDuxI5I = & source = https% 3A% 2F% 2Fblueprint-api-production.s3. «title =» CO2 concentration transforms into globe (indicated by shiny and red).

CO2 concentration increases around the earth (yellow and red).

Princeton physicist and carbonacean lawyer William Happer has been appointed to lead a new presidential committee on climate safety. Washington posts. Gapper says the atmosphere of the planet needs more CO2. Climate change is accelerating as the US scientists and independent scientists have repeatedly mentioned strong greenhouse gases.

As the plants use carbon dioxide to survive, Happer says the Earth is "beneficial for CO2" and the Earth has "C02 Hunger" and concluded, "If the plants can not vote, they will vote for coal."

Earth and plant scientists agree.

"The idea of ​​increasing CO2 is universal [to plants] this is not right, "said Jill Anderson, an evolutionary ecologist specializing in plant populations at the University of Georgia.

Rich Willson plays a miniature golf course after floods in Guyana, California. Rich Willson will play a miniature golf course in the flood in Guernell, California. = "MERCURY NEWS WITH KARL MONDON / MEDIANEWS GROUP / GETTY IMAGES" data-credit-provider = "custom type" src = " 4703 -807e-fd76a65b6f98.jpg% 252Ffit-in__1200x9600.jpg? Signature = oQVqAWQQcAQRP92vwxyppbGK00Q = & source = https% 3A% 2F% «title =» The Rich Willson mini fishing gulf in Guerneville, California.

Rich Willson travels to the miniature golf course after a flood in Guayniville, Calif.


Strong atmospheric rivers – the western United States, the "long riverside vapor", which gives large quantities of moisture, such as "river rivers," have left parts of Northern California at the end of February. The wind blew up the city of Honneuville, Somerset County, It's 45 meters Publish the sheriff on Twitter and report it to her surrounded by water – Do not go out or go out.

California considers this water to be very cold in the winter, and scientists expect the hurricane to steadily worsen Earth's climate.

Daniel Swain, Climatic Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Studies, said: "We see the rain more and more intensely.

28.02.1992 Satellite imagery is mainly ice cold Binging. Data-credit-name = "SENTINEL HUB EO BROWSER / SENTINEL 3" Data-Credit Provider = "User Type" src = "HTTPS" "data-caption =" Satellite-satellite images of the free bingo satellite basically 28 February 2019. " : // .png% 252Ffit-in__1200x9600.png? signature = Pm_WaevMoPBHC17P4TODYSXlOKk = & source = https% 3A% 2F% 2F% «title =» Basically ice Bering Strait 2019.

Binging satellite images of the ice shelf basically on February 28, 2019.


In the winter, the Bering Strait has turned into a historic ice. But this year the ice disappeared [by late February].

"The Binging Strait is usually covered with ice, almost open water," says a Climate scientist and Ph.D. Zack Leg. Candidate of Irvine University, California University.

"Before that, there should be ice until May," said Lars Kalescheck, a scientist at the Alfred Wegener's Polar and Marine Research Institute.

Sunlight that reflects the effect of the earth. «Class =» «data-caption =» Solar Lighting From the Earth «. Data-credit-name = "nasa" data-credit-provider = "custom type" src = "https: // mondrian / uploads% 252Fcard% 252Fimage% 252F950994% 252Fea17d223-ad9b-4d8a-8712-697ddf790616. jpg% 252Ffit-in__1200x9600.jpg? signature = 61Fs-q5F6bxvEywWn1p19cor46w = & source = https% 3A% 2F% 2F% 2Fblueprint-api-production «title =» Sunlight.

Sun is visible from Earth.

Solar geoengineering is considered a dangerous business.

Several science fiction concepts – the use of the Earth's atmosphere to shine and cool the particles and drops, planes or other means, have been replaced by a major conversation as a tool for climate change recovery. carbon emissions can be unsuccessful or damaged. But geoengineering schemes are in danger. Көптеген зерттеулерде Жердің күн сәулесімен күресудің ауыр салдары, соның ішінде өсімдік шаруашылығы өндірісіндегі үлкен құлдырау, күтпеген жағымсыз әсерлердің ықтималдығы және сыни түрде жауын-шашынның және кеңінен таралған құрғақшылықтың төмендеуіне әкелуі мүмкін судың әлсіреуі туралы айтылды.

Дегенмен журналда жарияланған жаңа зерттеулер Climate change in nature, бұл проблемаларды мойындайды, бірақ әлеуетті түзетуді табады: Жерді жылытудың шамамен жартысын азайту үшін атмосферада жеткілікті шағылысқан ластануларды ғана қолдану, Жерді 19-шы ғасырдың суық, жұмсақ климатына толығымен қайтару үшін геоинженерияға сүйену. Басқаша айтқанда, Жердің жылынудың маңызды бөлігін кері қайтаратын геоинженерлік дозаны беру, бірақ проблемалық жанама әсерлерді сақтау үшін жеткіліксіз.

Гарвард университетінің күн энергетикасының зерттеушісі Дэвид Кит және бірлескен автордың авторы: «Күн энергетикасы инженерлері төтенше жағдайда жақсы таңдау жасай алмайды. «Егер бұл мүлде мағынасы болмаса, оны біртіндеп көтеру керек».

«Мұхит». Class = «» data-credit-name = «Getty Images / WIN-бастамасы RM» data-credit-provider = «custom type» src = « 252Fimage% 252F951748% 252F7bb7ea0c-abbb-40fd-9bb0-f6ee6c6e3282.jpg% 252Ffit-in__1200x9600.jpg? Signature = RTsjh2kDDZxNxaZbvo9jn4m1tGw = & source = https% 3A% 2F%

Сурет: Getty Images / WIN-бастамасы RM

Without its own benefit, the vast sea of ​​the Earth destroyed 30 percent of carbon dioxide released into the Earth's atmosphere in the last century. Critics have confirmed that scientists have already maintained a steady CO2 absorption rate over the last decade without letting the ocean cool the greenhouse gas.

But the crucial issue is still solved: how much time can ocean spend to maintain carbon dioxide and seriously halt global warming?

"On the one hand, ocean's ability to absorb carbon dioxide begins to decline," says Jeremy Matthews, National Oceanic Oceans and Climate Research (NOAA) scientist. "These levels of atmospheric CO2 can be much faster than them."

"It's a big deal," Mathish said.

2019 жылға қарай тағы да көп нәрсе пайда болады ….

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