Thursday , September 29 2022

Experienced Hairel Laos is a preacher of caution


Despite the disagreement between Malaysia and Laos, Hayrul Fahmi still wished to see such a high commitment from his team to an undercover opponent.

As one of only two members of the 2010 Cup Winner, Hayrul Fahmi Che Ma Mat knows what the AFF knows about the Suzuki Cup, and the traps she has to come up with.

Cambodia is the next opponent of Laos after the first game, and despite having won only two matches in the history of the FIFA World Cup, Khairul promised to take them easy.

"We have to go to Laos against an uncertainty, not with confidence, because we can not estimate Laos. We have to score three points because we play at home, "said Khairul on Monday.

In the fourth AFC Championship, Khairul started as the first goalkeeper in Malaysia and played in the first match. However, his predecessors differed much earlier.

Four plus half against Cambodia, Hayrul started their first match with Tan Chung Ho. But Khairul likes to play with Sahemi Safari, Ajil Zafuan, Shahrul Saad and Xiazvan Anik.

"It was the first time we played together, but we played together with the team, we got separated, it was not difficult. Because we live in close contact with our family and we are gradually developing, "he said.

On Wednesday, the team will visit Hanoi, Vietnam, and Cheng Ho. The team that claims to be open by Sundramort is the favorites of the tournament. Although Cambodia and Laos are starting with two easy comparisons, Khairul opens any concepts that act as part of the preparation for the first two games Vietnam.

"Preparing for the tournament ended with the Maldives. The tournament started against Cambodia, it was so. These two games are a great game for us, and we are not prepared for Vietnam, "said Khairul.

Laos has opened with a score of 0-3 in Vietnam and Malaya Tigers is also a margin that should aim to improve the goal difference if Malaysia scores 3 points to Vietnam (three-day match).

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