Saturday , June 3 2023

Experts have identified Gmail's flagrant shortcomings


An expert in Gmail found this unfortunate

So, your gadgets can be infected by the virus.

Attackers have discovered another vulnerability to Gmail that could infect your computer.

Gmail is currently one of the most popular email services. Therefore, every novelty about new vulnerabilities and service errors goes along with the wave of excitement. It was an event. The developer has found a bug in "From", which can include any email address in the sender field from Tim Cott.

According to the reports, this disadvantage of the system sends the e-mail to the Sent Items folder, regardless of whether the user has sent them. Cotten warns that these disruptions in the system give hackers and swindlers a new way to exploit malicious software users and computers and smartphones.

This error can be very useful for hackers. Usually, spamming is filtered but remains in the sent messages folder. This means that you can send the following message and request that you read previous messages with any information. And, most likely, the virus is added when the message is opened.

When a message arrives in the Sent Mail folder, it indicates the object that was read or opened and the rest of the message. But he is thick in italics.

Cotten has detected the vulnerability of a Gmail email client that has never been sent. Having examined the situation carefully, the messages saw that the messages were sent from another account and sent to the Sent Items folder.

Google did not comment the programmer's claim but set the issue in the web version, but Android error still does not endorse the application.

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