Friday , October 7 2022

Facebook's TikTok Clone Lasso has begun service


Facebook works for for several months. He is ready now.

The app is called Lasso, and it develops for the first time in October. Today, the head of Facebook Lasso has begun his work.

Lasso is a popular program that combines (and its name) at the beginning of this year, for the TikTok clone. The platform allows users to share short video clips for their songs and karaoke performances. The teenage generation, who loved Facebook and love for YouTube, has become popular.

Explains why Facebook is a must.

Lasso is available on iOS and Android, and users can access Instagram or Facebook. You can share Lasso videos as Facebook stories but can not share in Instagram. This feature will come soon.

Lasso profiles can not be set as private.

It has content right now, regardless of today's low rank. This is a long-term development cycle with a long lasting internal testing of different capabilities. Facebook has not yet made a formal statement about the launch of the application on its website, so this launch is somewhat "soft".

There is a history of cloning popular apps on Facebook that tries to absorb users from competitors.

Despite the ethical dubious approach, this is a very effective competitive strategy (ask Snapchat only).

Earlier this year, Instagram launched Instagram Stories for Instaph Stories. This feature has implemented all Facebook applications like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook's strategy completely limited the interest in Snapchat and partly worked.

Facebook is also hoping to have Lasso against TikTok on Facebook. TikTok has grown great since joining, and itself has been incredibly successful over the years. In fact, it grows faster than YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

According to Facebook, this step reflects Zuckerberg's vision of "innovation." When the company was announced in 2012, it put a book on each employee table. There was a simple statement: "If we do not do anything to kill Facebook, then someone else will be."

But maybe this clause is copied somewhere else.

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