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In London, Australian teenager fashion designer Connor Grace invites Grace



November 20, 2018

At the age of seventh, his son Connor & Grady in Brisbane touched his first sewing machine.

Ten years later, Connor was asked to take part in the Royal Queensland Show and Design Competition in Brisbane as he won many times.

"I used soccer lessons, and it did not work well, because I started the gate of another team," said an 18-year-old student.

"I eventually got some art lessons, and I've been working for them since then, and I've been doing sewing skills and learning to myself."

The collection is at the Royal Queensland Show

Recently, Egca was invited to collect a collection of natural fibers for a fashion parade.

"It was a great experience, and in the main picture I was able to see my designers – since I was a little boy with my grandmother and I went to Eckha," he said.

"The competition brought me style of fashion, and I realized that I like women's clothes.

"I went into different categories and went in for racetrack, governor and dressmaking, so when I was young I really gave me a chance to find my aesthetics."

London agreed with the fashion offer

One of the most prestigious schools in Connor Design is the London School of Fashion – a place to study a bachelor's degree in women's clothing.

"It's a great opportunity for London to be one of the world's fashion capital," he said.

"As a designer, I can actually explore my design and see where I am going."

Sleep, school, sew, repeat

At the Junior Festival of Youth and Art at Apex Australia, Connor has released a gong for the "Designer of the Year".

Brisbane Grammar student said that over the past few years, he has been a challenge for school and design, but he has made it work.

"When I come home, I run for a sewing machine for a few hours, and then I made my homework last time, and my mom will go for some time when I do it," he said.

"When I was seven years old, my 7 year old child was in difficulties when sewing lessons – when my mother called her seamstress, several people joined her.

"I thought I could not go to London, and I could learn about fashion, but that was the opportunity and through my contacts.

"When I graduated from the fashion college in London, I think I want to go back to Brisbane and build my shop in one day."

Laura Churchill, a stylist and event coordinator in Brisbane, spent several years in Connor's Royal Queensland show.

"Young men are trying to be a fashion designer by studying the fashion pattern," says Churchill.

"But Connor has been a really great and truly incredible set in the last two years to achieve his career goals.

"In my opinion, Connor did a great job to make it a community that surrounds them."

Business success is essential to success

But Connor is just about a few years back, so he's into a different industry.

Ms. Churchill said that designers should never wear more hats, creativity.

"In order to compete at national and international levels, designers should focus on business trends," he said.

"They need their creative abilities as well as those who understand that this is a great advantage.

"When you start, you have to do everything in your business, so you have to be able to see it in your business, pay attention to what you are doing and what you are doing in your sticker."

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of New Gaddy Jody Hilton, this industry has been transformed into the culture of new beginnings, as the traditional work experience and the role of alumni have fallen.

"At times, these signs can look great and successful, and in fact, it's just a skeleton crew and they make a lot of sales that they can not help the interns they want.

"I recommend that I work with my work experience, develop creative muscles and reduce the barriers to employment.

"Designers should be an accountant today, they must be a production manager who must be a designer and marketer, and in fact, be a frontman, so start with everything that interests you. «

Start-up, but you know

Queensland University of Technology Australia (CEA), Australia's first luxury weekend, has given young designers the opportunity to build and finance their businesses.

Mark Gustowski, CEO of QUT CEA, will become the next major event in the market for Australian designers.

"Our goal is to get acquainted with the fashion industry with ideas of decorative space, team building, business creation, and then it's business development," says Mr. Gustovski.

"Over the past decade, we have seen a similar step to fast fashion, which has had a great impact on Australia's fashion ecosystem.

"What are we doing with Fashion Start-up Weekend? We are rebuilding fashion, trendy fashion and ethical fashion, giving fashion designers or young designers the way and channel to understand exactly how to get the product. market release.

"Over the past decade, many designers have failed, as they are incredibly creative, but they are not about the business side of those things."

But Gustovsky warned young designers about limited funding or started trying to launch the product or launch the product and encouraged the federal government to intervene.

"Capital for models is very difficult, it's much more difficult than technology companies or start-ups, because it's hard to get the opportunity, so it's possible to get the investor back in cash," he said.

"We can often be angry investors, families, or some charity organizations.

"But we would like to see more support for fashion designers all over the world, because we're more than the rest of the world.

"Some of our initial designs have to go to the market and really need some capital to succeed in the late 80s and early 1990s."


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November 20, 2018

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