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It was named the most dangerous product for the heart


Nazvan is the best product for the heart

The daily level of salinity should not exceed five grams.

The most dangerous salt of all products in the diet of the heart and blood vessels – this conclusion came from scientists of the arterial hypertension laboratory. According to experts, salty cardiac use, which exceeds five grams a day.

This is reported by referring to medical website.

According to doctors, there is too much food in the diet of modern people – an average person spends about twelve grams a day. Doctors consider it very dangerous for the cardiovascular system as the habit. The main "killer" of the heart has named beer a variety of chips, crackers and dishes – they have a salty composition in the wild.

"Available scientific evidence suggests that today there are over 20% of cardiovascular disease in developed countries due to over-consumption of salty foods. Salty soils are dangerous, which can lead to the development of arterial hypertension and deteriorate vascular tissue, which can be fierce and defeatable, "experts said.

According to them, the daily level of salinity should not exceed five grams. According to some experts, we should try to eat a small amount of salt – from half a teaspoon to three grams of salt. In this case, the risk of premature death from coronary heart disease can be reduced by about 30%. According to a study conducted in the Netherlands, 5.5 thousand people reported that the use of more than 6.2 grams of salts a day is dangerous for the development of hypertension – the risk of developing disease increases by 21 percent and consumes 3 grams of salts.

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