Saturday , January 28 2023

Naomi Campbell and Matt Smith Celebrate Tost Burberry's New York Celebration


When Burberry throws the party, they do it right. To celebrate the festive event, the brand's flagship in New York has turned five floors in line with the value of seasonal mood. A full-choir hymn, wooden pine trees, calligraphy making handmade maps, and many guests were welcomed, but the greatest joy of the evening was for the stars. Naomi Campbell was decorated with elegant design by Riccardo Tiscoli for home and his mother, Valerie Morris-Campbell, was sent to laugh (including Misty Kopelland and Lilli James, all who came to Caroline Murphy).

A film directed by Giuseppe Calypso, Close your eyes and think about Christmas, Tisci is the first, his debut collection was reopened in September. Tony Bull, a family curve and a pine-covered trend, adds an attractive new dimension based on home code. Honor, which is part of advertising, assigned to Smith for the royalty and temporary doctors, and to join Star Wars franchise in 2019. "It really was a privilege," he shared. "I'm proud to be engaged in Burberry. It's a great brand with a rich heritage, and I think Riccardo's direction is so bright and interesting, "he says. In his gray hat in his hat, Dapper wanted to participate in the project that celebrated his favorite holiday. "Christmas is my favorite thing all over the world," says Smith, who calls at the end of June with his friends in England. "I really wanted to do Burberry and Christmas, and I did it."

Despite Burberry's face-to-face performance, his modeling experience with her mother made an important shot for Campbell. "Riccardo knows my mom, so it's just great for us [both] Campbell asked. "The Burberry family has always been great to work. Christopher [Bailey] Working with Riccardo and part of his first half of the year, I was delighted. " One of the hottest days of the year, Campbell and her mom photographed in comparison with months, but the last look for Morris Campbell was worth the wait. "For the first time in my life, I thought it was a campaign to be honest," says Morris Campbell, originally expected to be part of a small interview or a photo session. "I figured I just wow to think that I can not believe it – it is fun, just fine."

Based on the usual circular garments developed by Tisci, the supermodel was a promotional advertisement for a stunning aesthetics of the designer, and was amazed at the availability of the luxury offered to him when he took the show. "For each of us, something really happened," he said. "There is not a single person who can not find anything, [and] You should do this today. "It's something to remember this holiday season.

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