Saturday , June 19 2021

NASA's former employee said the truth about foreigners

A former NASA officer told the truth about the apostlesIt is difficult to believe the words of a man.

Former NASA member Norman Bergrunn tells journalists that humanity is in contact with strangers, but this information is very confidential, so ordinary people will be unlikely to be in the next decade.

In aerospace research labs, former engineer proves that there are foreigners who have NASA camera lenses. At present foreigners can master the work of the Solar System.

Apollo's astronauts have also been photographed. Black-looking photos that give rise to two-meter growth are immediately categorized.

NASA employees often had to hide traces of foreigners and edit photos. For the past two decades, foreigners who have mastered the solar system have grown significantly. By the way, Jupiter and Uranus, a former employee of the Space Agency, were also given special attention. For example, Jupiter's ring is the exhaust gases of foreign vessels.

Norman, first of all, is not unique. Last year he told Saturn's rings.

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