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National sterility program for the management of 7,000 stray dogs in Singapore, Singapore news and stories


Singapore – The five-year sterilization program for skiers in Singapore began on Saturday (November 10) by Mr. Desmond Lee, Minister of Social and Family Development and Second National Development Officer.

Those who call dogs or "Singapore privileges" are called "animal fever" because they cause a series of reactions from people who are disturbed by animal health from public health and public health.

"Some of them care for them, feed them compassionately, some of them forget them, other people are scared and pressured to act on the power," said Lucky happy housewives at Hillion Mall at Happy Hoodcarnival Bükit Panjang.

The Food and Veterinary Agency (ABA) has launched a nationwide initiative called the Entrepreneur-Release-Release (TNRM), a humanistic, scientific and sustainable method for managing dogmatic dogs to solve various issues, "Lee said.

The ABA program has developed a program to sterilize more than 70% of stray dogs in five years, in conjunction with 11 animal protection teams. There are about 7,000 wolves here.

Society for the Advancement of Animal Husbandry (SPCA) manages the coordination efforts to provide sterilization services and training operations that can be completed in the first half of next year (2019).

In addition, ABA provides financing for dogs to support the social groups of animals that carry out sterilization.

In addition, the program will include a central pool of trophists for groups of animals and groups for ABA employees.

Previously, social groups of dogs conducted localized disinfection programs individually and the ABA program strengthened and strengthened these efforts at the national level.

He said: "After sterilization, priority will be the availability of Singapore's premium Singapore, as well as shelter, food and veterinary care provided by their new owners."

People who can not recommend will be released at appropriate locations where they can be supported by the nutritionists of the responsible community.

Mr. Lee also emphasized the importance of possession of responsible pets.

"It's worse than understanding the animal health and the care of pets," he said.

He said: "It's as important as a small place like Singapore, because living spaces are friction and friction between domestic animals and neighbors easily."

The Community Partnership is also essential for the success of the disinfection program and requires partnerships between animal protection groups, veterinarians and community members.

Mr. Lee also said: "We also need the broad community's patience, understanding, and support that can help you with volunteers or simply spread the word about the benefits of the program."

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