Sunday , May 22 2022

Netflix destroys the system in India, says Madhuri Dixit


Madhuri Dicksworth

Netflix's indigenous content has sometimes found its place in the absence of key features compared to critics' opponents, but actor Madhuri Dixit thinks that the giant Indian cinema violated. "In my opinion, stars are always stars, but this is a system that breaks the system, and Netflix is ​​like the basic thing," said Dickside.
51-year-old actor Netflix gave an example to Hollywood's role modeling role for Marathi's "Sheet List" and his role as Jack Nicholson and Morgan Friman to guide his users.

"The problem is that people choose anything they want. I recently made a "bucket list" and introduced it to me by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Friman's "Chalk List". So you have your choice, genres, and everything you like, even suggestions. This is a violator. I think this is a long way. The cinema is always there, but Netflix will give you freedom to do anything you do. «

Recently, director Lane Jadev, his director makes his debut on the platform "Rajma Chaval", saying that Bollywood stars are "magicians" to work with Netflix. "I have to be tempted by this platform, because we think it's not too far away. Today, even movies with big stars are not enough for Netflix. You have a theater in each room and at home. As you have seen, this is the first show on the first day. I think it will crush the big stars, "Madhuri said when he was in the audience for Netflix a few decades ago when his 1994 blockbuster Hum Aapke Hain Koun ..! »Leave.

"There are two magical things in the world. Someone is a theater or cinema, the other is the Internet. Netflix is ​​a great marriage between the two. If we have the infrastructure we have today, then 20 years ago it would be great, as "Hum Aapke Hai Koun …! "Despite the absence of Netflix, it was very well received, and it was stronger than ever," says Maduri.

In the near future, the actor will be called "August 15" at his Netflix. Satiric film set in the Mumbai church is a battle for middle class in India.

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