Thursday , September 29 2022

Quilted breast: Ukrainian singer made a great impression


Ukrainian singer traveled to Germany.

A singer Svetlana Loboda performed in Düsseldorf, Germany. The star showed her dress and the stage.

Singer of the video posted on Instagram in Instagram.

On the images, Lobo stands in the corridor and shows that he holds the hair in the mirror. Then the singer went on the stage and began singing in a packed room. There are also moments in the video story and reaction from spectators.

For a concert in Dusseldorf, Svetlana chose Loboda's shortcomings. The star took the stage with long shirts and short long black curls with long nails.

During the half day, about 502 thousand people liked the video. But fans were distracted by the singer's dress. Someone supported Loboda and called her a sexually explicit, while others seemed to be too obvious.

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