Friday , January 27 2023

Saudi Arabia launches desalination plant from sunlight | Saudi Arabia | Public utilities


Saudi Arabia is building a desiccation facility from solar radiation using one of its 7 strategic projects, with the use of advertising technology, including the first nuclear reactor.

The King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman, on the Red Sea coast of Yanbu, is a symbolic foundation of the drying unit of 5,200 m3 / d in Riyadh, November 5, 2018, during his visit to the Science and Technology Science Technologies (KACST) in King Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia's official agency described this project as "the first industrial model to use the technology of desalination adsorption".

Other projects approved by King Salman – development of a nuclear research facility at the Khalid International Airport and aircraft fuselage; as well as advanced materials such as carbon fiber production laboratory and research on nano materials, which produce aluminum from the atmosphere during low humidity (MOF-303).

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