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SpaceX has found a way to keep out of space


magictr | November 11, 2018 News

The Earth's orbit is full of garbage.
SpaceX has made some adjustments to the SpaceX Starlink project, taking into account the huge amount of space debris in the earth's orbit.

The residues of the satellites exposed to the earth's orbit are full of lost means in the space. NASA now controls more than half a million garbage dump trucks, many of them quickly reaching and causing serious damage to spacecrafts. Over 200,000 of them are more than softball.
The Starlink Project SpaceX is launching around 12,000 communications satellites to launch the global Internet network, which increases the problem.
However, according to the edition, Verge, SpaceX may already have a ready-made solution: over 1,000 Starlink networks were originally planned (1110 km). The company is confident in its advantages.

First of all, space satellites will not be available for most spacecrafts. Second, satellites at a height of 550 kilometers will be much easier to return to Earth after the work has been completed, and according to NASA, this happens about five years. At this height, the Earth's atmosphere slowly displaces the satellite satellites and automatically removes the garbage SpaceX.

For space industry SpaceX is better to think about the effect of additional dumps in the orbit earlier. Do not sleep well with the space rocket, miss the satellite orbit, especially if you work at the International Space Station.

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