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Taha Bouqdib, Interview – BUSINESS TIMES


TAHA BOUQDIB does not believe in compliance. When describing how he entered the tea business at the age of 23, he uses words like "soul", "destiny" and "my blood".

Frenchman from Morocco tasted Chinese tea at the age of 12, a gift from the Chinese embassy for parents working for the Moroccan government. He was delighted with Chinese tea and was distinguished by the simple Moroccan tea (blue and sugar green tea) and reminiscent of his taste for most of his life.

Despite his father's desire to work for the government of Morocco in 1993, the Master of International Law moved to Paris to join the French tea company. In 2008, TWG was trained to develop a tea-packing package design for 15 years, before finding a partner in the Hong Kong-based businessman Manoe Murjani.

Over the last decade, the gourmet tea company has seen its share and decline. In 2011, when the company purchased $ 31.4 million in US $ 35 million for OSIM International, the TWG fought with three stores and hit $ 2 million. Ron Sim, CEO and CEO of OSYM, described the company as a "threat" and began to help.

In 2013, the TWG Tea was awarded a TWG trademark by Hong Kong tea vendor Tsit Wing Group, which forced Hong Kong's shop to be switched to WG. Former founder Murjani tried to demand OSIM for his dismissal as TWG Tea CEO. but was dismissed in 2016.

The company continued its expansion plans, with OSIM upgrading its share to 69.9 percent. TWG Tea currently has more than 42 countries and has more than 70 churches and boutiques in 19 countries. Last year, the tax was $ 7 million. US dollars, which is a strong indication of its overhaul.

49-year-old and married son, Bushid, is doing his best – works in creative aspects of the company, for example, inventing new additives to expand the list of more than 800 flavors, designing stores and packages, and expanding TWG to expanded areas.

When several marketing research is too many choices for the consumer, it is over-extreme and does not buy anything. Sometimes, instead of 400, there are four options, but TWG Tea sells over 800 delicious teas in its stores. And this has denied the global level.

When I combined the concept of the TWG tea shop, I did not think it was a store, but the place to go to another country. My dream is to bring all the tea in the world to the store, so everybody can find the right thing for himself – his own world, that is, speech. To do this, you need to select the largest tea in the world. And I need a way to talk about this choice. In our shops, we have a main menu, and there are booklets detailing more than 800 tastes. Of course, sometimes people say, "What do you know? It's a lot for me. " Our staff will help them to advise on what kind of tea they like because of their mood and desire. That is why we invest and invest in training our employees to know our products.

What is the difference in tea from simple tea?

For me, the word "fashion" really does not exist … On the contrary, there are some details of luxury. All these items come together to feel the luxury. The suite itself does not exist. For example, I wear Dior because she was the only suit I could wear anywhere I could be at home or in the warehouse, and I would have been comfortable to get everything. I can pair with Dior's jeans, and I can walk freely like I want. For TWG, if you trust your clients into the luxury world, you need to give all the tiniest details. For example, when buying tea leaves, for example, I demand the best, tasty, and most sophisticated purchase. Because when the customer comes to the TWG salon or boutique, he can enjoy a comfortable sitting seat for good tea tea. But when he goes home with a TWG product, he must be able to make TWG tea and feel the luxury, whatever his environment. Fashionable person on the smallest details.

Your strategy has expanded globally over seven years?

From the very beginning, we believed that we were ready to create a fashionable Asian brand, which was a good product for tea. Tea has been here for thousands of years, but most Asian people have bought European or American tea. It imports tea from Western Asia and it is perfectly packed and sold to Asia. Here's what we can think of how to improve the tea than other brands. We can find the highest quality of tea leaf, mix them together and perfectly pack them and send them to the world. This, of course, requires a lot of effort and coordination. But we are convinced that we have had the right concept from the outset.

How do you think it would be possible to raise these global ambitions?

Fear. Financial Troubles. Often, when a company fails, it is a financial hardship to rebuild an entrepreneur. In our case, in 2008, we have to start building TWG in time of the global financial crisis. People tell us that they have failed us, because we are trying to do what we can. But we trusted everyone to bring a delicate cup of tea.

TWG Tea had to overcome some of the challenges and obstacles. What do you think the biggest?

I think we had a very bad experience. This is a great fight for our logo (in Hong Kong). But before going on anywhere for us, we had to fulfill our homework. This is very important. The second question is to find the right people. It's hard to find the right people for all your groups when it's a retail deal, like F & B and wholesalers. We are looking for good staff every day. And when we do, we try to keep them.

You pay great attention to fashion because you know how to shop, packaging and other aspects of TWG tea.

I do. I go fashion every season to know what the development trends are. The show itself can take up to 15 minutes. However, you spend a lot of time trying to interact with people and determine which trends you will be following the trends. What colors do they look at. I try to combine these basic trends with the TWG tea look and design. TWG Tea should be a dusty colonial brand. In order to attract the beauty you need to be in touch with the fashion world.

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