Saturday , January 28 2023

The dog accepts dogs who need sleep


The Ikea shop in Italy has opened its doors for strangers who need sleepless sleep in the winter months – from all over the world.

Martin Taxi has recently bought a Swedish furniture store at Catania and found dog carpets among Christmas displays.

"My reaction was pure," he told Dodo. "This is not the usual thing".

According to Taccia, shop staff gives food and water to homeless people, and some dogs "go home with their family together with their clients."

Taccia has received hundreds of comments from people who watched Facebook's million-dollar video on their heart rate display and thanked the store and its employees.

Catania Ikea's other customers have also shared dog photographs on social media, which is set up at the store's location.

"I've been etched to the Eternal forever," someone explained the pictures of sleeping dogs.

One more said: "Love another Ike! Dogs fit in beautiful decor. «

Although this is not a public initiative, Ikea has previously shown a soft side for animals.

In 2017, the furniture company started a kit for dogs and cats.

The Swedish word shaggy contains the pet beds, pillows, dishes and small sofas.

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