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The dust stroke from NSW can reach Canberra


Brooklyn hit a dusty storm on Wednesday afternoon.

The White Cliffs Hotel has released more than 143,000 attacks on Tuesday.

Morning Morning Morning Morning Canberra NSW.

Morning Morning Morning Morning Canberra NSW.Credit:Dan Jervis-Bardi

Anne Pine, NSW / ACT Onboard Production Officer, Meteorology Bureau: On Thursday, Canberra anticipated the possible "hot weather" stages, suggesting noise of dust through the capital in the morning by about 55 kilometers per hour.

The Bureau expects rain Thursday to Thursday from 5 to 10 millimeters, which, according to Ms. Pin, "splashes dust."

Dust can last for a long time if they do not fall.

Canberrans, with astringent and other respiratory conditions, is advised to adapt to the weather, including dust storms, and to improve their condition.

Public Health Officer Vanessa Johnston said that dust storms can significantly reduce the quality of air and that people with respiratory tract should be safely used.

"Anyone can influence the health of people who suffer from storms, especially as a result of asthma," says Johnston.

"The most common signs of dust stroke are irritation to the eyes and upper respiratory tract, and the longer it takes, the more likely it will be.

"So vulnerable people need to be vigilant in their situation and not to be exposed to high dust levels."

People can take the following precautions to help reducing dust impacts:

  • At home, windows and doors are closed;
  • Replacement of the air conditioner for "recycling" or "recirculation", if possible, to stay in weather conditions and reduce the amount of dust entering the building;
  • Avoid strong exercises if you have exercise or underestimation;
  • If it is safe, contact older people or other people who think they need extra help.

Anyone with a heart or lung condition should take their medicines as prescribed by their doctors.

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