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The fine dining room in New York is now eating in the same direction


If you want to get a Michelin star in New York, first use the word "sushi" in your restaurant's name. Or at least make sure your menu is respectful of Japanese food.

Michelin restaurant, which announced New York City's 2019 New York City winners, found 17 new stars, of which six were Japanese. The French cuisine was good: The three new records checked this check, two of which were legendary cook Joel Robohon, who died early this year. Two newcomers were Mexico, including a new Clark Restaurant in Osaka.

The city cuisine at the highest level is still unchanged – Manhattan still has five stars: Le Bernard, Massey, Melison Matthew, Massachusetts, Brooklyn Fare cook table and Per Se. If everyone decides to go on the same day, it does not require much walks: Restaurants Midamida, apart from the EMP in Flatiron District (and some for the 24th Street – Midtown).

This year's New York Guides have 72-76 restaurants (and slightly lower than in the 2017 version) last year. However, one place has already been closed: Tetsu Basement, awarded two stars, has turned into a la carte-sushi site, starting with a tasty dining restaurant. The news for the print guide was too late.

The new international director of the company Michelle Guillet says that there is no love for the sushi. "There's a huge selection of Japanese restaurants in New York," he says. "Clients are looking for and it works well. But our criterion remains the same as the food. "

Poullennec used a motivated argument to protect Babbo from the list of defective women's cookies on the list (restaurant accused female sex boss Mario Basti). "We have a methodology that we use around the world. Depending on the quality of nutrition, we have no criteria or opinion. " Out of 76 restaurants, there are only two women in the kitchen: Del Posto's Melissa Rodriguez and Emma Bengsson.

New York's three-star scene may be flat but there are good news and two bad news in the two star category. The list includes four restaurants, including three new locations: Ikimura in Ushhura, Lutherele de Joel Robouho and Tetsu Bassement.

One star catalog was also intense with additions to the magnificent Korean Cascade menu, such as Atomix. Brooklyn has kept nine places this year, two exciting additives this year – Claro and Oxomoco, Williamsburg cuisine, specializing in wooden Mexican cuisine. Finally Le Cucco made a list. "It's been since our launch on our radar, and we've been watching the steady growth in the quality of the sinking pans," says Poullennec.

If Michelle's kitchen is missing, it's the Americans.

Starfish Gramercy Taverna can not leave one star category; The grill is completely absent. From the list were two quicksilver, Minetta Taverna and Aurol. Other gross shortcomings include: Cosme, Beatrice Inn, and Momofuku Ssam Bar, who settled in Bib Gourmands. Also, nothing is visible – Lilia; The world's # 1 restaurant, Osteria Francescana, is included in the Italian food list, even in Modena.

Poullennec is defending the list of Italian places. "We have 563 restaurants in 2019 – 87 Italian and 70 Japanese," he said. "Italians look very good."

See the full list below. The star is a new record; Designated areas of Michelle.

Three stars

Brooklyn Fare Desktop (Midtown West)

Eleven Madison Park (Gramercy)

Le Bernardin (Midtown West)

Midtown West

Per Se (Midtown West)

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Two stars

Aquavit (Midtown East)

Artery (Thibeka)

Aska (Williamsburg)

Blanket (Fort Green)

Daniel (Upper East Side)

* Gabriel Kreutter (Midtown West)

* Alcohol in Throat (Lower East Side)

Jean-Georges (Upper West Coast)

Jung's (Tribeca)

Co (East village)

* Atelier de Joel Robuchon (Chelsea)

Maria (Midtown West)

Contemporary (Midtown West)

Susi Ginza Onodera (Midtown West)

* Tetsu cellar (Tribeca, closed)


One star

Agner (Midtown East)

Ai Fiori (Midtown West)

Aldea (Gramercy)

* Atomix (Gramercy)

Babbo (Greenwich Village)

Bar Uchu (bottom eastern side)

Bartard (TriBeCa)

Blue Hill (Greenwich Village)

* At home Bouley (Gramercy)

Café Boulud (Upper East Side)

Café Chinese (Midtown East)

Carbon (Greenwich)

Casa Enrique (Queens)

Casa Mono (Gramercy)

Caviar Russe (Midtown East)

* Claro (Sunset Park)

Watch Tower (Gramercy)

Contra (bottom eastern side)

Cote (Gramercy)

Del Paste (Chelsea)

Faro (Fort Green)

Finch (Fort Green)

Gotham Bar and Grill (in Greenwich Village)

Gramercy Tavern (Greenwich Village)

Gunther Bever (Greenwich Village)

Hirohisa (SoHo)

* Jeju Noodle Bar (Greenwich Village)

Jewel Bako (East Village)

Júni (Gramercy)

Kajitsu (Midtown East)

Canoyama (east village)

* Kosaka (Greenwich Village)

Kyo Ya (East Village)

L Appart (Financial District)

* Le Coucou (SoHo)

* Joel Roberson of the Le Grill (Chelsea)

Meadowsweet (Williamsburg)

Mask Room (SoHo)

Nix (Greenwich Village)

* Noda (Gramercy)

NoMad (Gramercy)

* Okuda (Chelsea)

Oxomoke (Williamsburg)

Peter Luder (Williamsburg)

Café Café (Brooklyn Brooklyn)

Satsuki (Midtown West)

Sushi Amana (Midtown East)

Sushi Inoue (Harlem)

* Sushi Nakazawa (Greenwich Village)

* Sushi Noz (Upper East Side)

Sushi Yasuda (Midtown East)

Tempura Matsui (Midtown East)

* Tuome (East Village)

Uncle Boons (SoHo)

Wall (Greenwich)

ZZ's Clam Bar (Greenwich Village)

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