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This is the feeling of love


People often look at their thoughts and feelings about their family. Of course, so; It's hard to believe that each of us has only one "wonderful" match.

However, everyone who believes in the family does not care about them. Love can be a romantic partner, or even friend, relative, or teacher, and you have a deep, strong, and often fast connection. You can get acquainted with many families throughout life.

Another misunderstanding is that family relationships are always a smooth sailing, which, in fact, can sometimes be very complicated. However, even a rough convex teaches you important lessons, and both of you grow up.

"Your soul must be your great teacher, and the one who invites you will bring you wisdom, your deepest desires, and will inspire your in-depth researchers," says Kyleen Rosenberg of HuffPost. "Love is the truth that you need to learn about your values, your desires, and, above all, love does not dwell in love."

How does it feel when it comes to physical, emotionally, and spiritually? We asked people who meet people who describe experiences.

You feel peace and peace.

"When I contacted Rand, it was a real sense of truth. These are not crazy emotions or hormones, but also a lot of peace and a sense of peace. When you open the door after a long, rough trip, you will feel your own feelings. It's convenient, it's peaceful, good, and all the things you can think about, how happy you are. Summarizing it, we felt like we were at home for a moment. I think when I'm together, where do I go? I think I'm safe and comfortable. It is my home " Ashley Darby

You can not imagine what your life was like before you met.

"When I was in contact with my soul, she felt natural. It's like a land-to-land or a puzzle. I have never understood that I lived without my life. " Alison g

You seem to know each other for a little longer.

"I suffer from fears, it is not easy to talk to strangers, but when my family entered our college campus, I did not feel any of my nerves. I shook my hand and immediately felt comfortable. He started walking with me and started asking questions. I felt as though I had talked to him about my thoughts. Although we do not know one another, I have given more attention to myself than to some friends who know my life and to those around me. Our relationship was immediate. Fully natural " Holly Riordan

It feels like you are an individual.

"When I met my husband, I realized how the songs of love were – in my heart I felt deep love and affection at the absolutely different level, as it was before, even at the age of 35! Within two weeks, by knowing each other, we were forced to bring another life into the world, so in three weeks we were consciously chose to comprehend each other, and in four weeks I purposefully got pregnant. Each step felt the "right" in the most intuitive and spiritual sense of the word, and now we have a wonderful daughter.

Nevertheless, the connection that makes us unite is more than just romance. Those who call you to love me before love are through your love; Sometimes there is a problem. Our relationships have had two sides, and now the greatest love we can give each other is full freedom. It feels so good " Judy Cui

With this person, you will feel that you can fight against anything.

"No one looks for his soul in seven classes, but I did. I met a 14-year-old guy who met me and met a young man. I loved this wonderful boy, and he's the best I've ever had. When I hold my hand, I can survive the worst suffering and look at the beauty of the world in my eyes. It is my candy in the darkness. My heat is cold. Even when life is hard, my love and affection for the chest. For me, striving for him will never weaken, and he will only grow stronger. We're 18 years old, but we still have two young children together. Even older people are 37 years old, but they will always be happy for you " Jenel M.

Sense of intense and all consumers.

"It was a dream to communicate with my dear friend. Before we met, I thought that all the relationships would change to better one another. Then I met a friend of mine, so what I call love is like a puddle in the ocean. There are different forms and types of love. Love is the soul. There is no need to compromise with such love. You, of course, are the perfect partner of another. " Jenica Weinn

This relationship is absolutely correct.

"I used to think that my beloved one was based on such factors as emotional connection or sexual chemistry. I've trained someone for decades, online and off to describe this terminology. We could not unite the future, but we could not stop crossing roads. We did not love each other, but we agreed that love was not enough. I am convinced that through our history, we will find the way to love – we will find our way. We have never taken our decision; he died two years ago.

But in his absence and in the process of misery, new concepts come to life. Every time I move forward with my new partner, I'm redefining the term soulmate. I do not believe in a person who does not irritate my skin or drain any of the tube in my desire. My widow recently shared her wisdom with me, explaining how much she felt when she felt at home with her husband's love. Love Is The Truth About Sex Sarah Anne LaFlyur

You feel safe in each other's company.

"It felt like a magnetic field with us. It was not love first, but first we developed friendship, but we wanted to spend a lot of time together. Everyone among us was easy, we were amazed and I felt safe in my own safety and in my presence. Within a month, we learned about it and learned that after our weekly love, we would spend the night with him. " Amanda Oedandr

Deep involvement is not physical.

"When I first met my dear friend, I was physically discharged from him at once. Because he was not good at all, he was not my "kind", but his intuitive knowledge at least inspired my study. In our early days, I felt like knowing it forever – our strength has not gradually diminished, as it has been a lifelong friend. When I left, I remembered that I did not know if I would come back when I came back. Because he could not remember what he liked – his essence was not his personality but his own. We have bound the physical out-of-body spirit, and our relationships are different both on the earth and on the earth. Christie Jacobs

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