Wednesday , February 1 2023

Three species of hybrid birds were found


Researchers found a special bird species in Pennsylvania. Birds are hybrid universal breeds and descendants of their descendants. The combination has brought three kinds of hybrid birds that have never been written before.

"It is very rare," said David Toys, a leading author at the Cornell University. "Woman – Golden-winged / Blue-winged Warbler hybrid – also known as Brewster Warbler. Then he played with the kashtan side and played well ".

Hybrid species appear when divided into two hybrid populations. Although hybridization is widespread among the Golden Wings and the Blue Hawk, the cross between these species and the Chestnut shots is very rare. In fact, we never know.

In May 2018, a bird watchman from Pennsylvania surprised the unique hybrid bird. She found a bird's song as she looked at each other in chest. It is noteworthy that he also had personal characteristics of the Blue Wings and the Golden Wing. Birds differ from one another and know that they are not of the same kind. Lowell Burket contacted researchers in Cornell, and confirmed his light.

"I tried to make e-mail many intellectuals, so they did not think I was an explosive," said Byrdak. A week later, the researcher David Toys came down and found the bird again and collected blood samples and measurements, which was interesting and exciting for us, and after a few days I received a text message from Dave: "You are right!"

Genetic analysis has shown that this is a new three-dimensional hybrid genetic network of two different parenting cultivars.

"We looked at the genes for different dyes," explains Toews. "It is important to note that the mother of the hybrid is similar to the bird equivalent of the detective, but from genes. The Brewster is similar to the Warbler and the father is Chestnut Warbler. «

This type of unique hybridization is probably due to a reduction in the knife population. For example, Gold Wing Attack is attacked. The species is presented in accordance with the Law "On modified species". Due to their fall, there is a limited choice of birds.

"This hybridization was among the residents of the Golden Winged Warblers, which means that women can do a lot worse than a decline," said Toews. "Also, forests are usually genetically compatible, they say they have long been long after the appearance of big differences."

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