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Tony Bells will lose his last fight, because Alexander Usik has weight lifting


Toni Belleev was beaten in the eighth round, because he won the title of heavyweight champion Oleksandr Wica.

In his latest professional competition, Belle simultaneously tried to make all the four major world-renowned categories, including the prestigious Ring Magazine, the first British.

Preparation for severe stress has begun, but, as William has demonstrated why he was among the best warriors on the planet (now 16-0, 12KO), his career has not been fairy tale.

Alexander Oski Tony Bell (Nick Potts / PA)

Wins gradually set his priorities and stopped his opponent for one or two weeks, raising an excruciating argument that the referee, Terry O'Connor, stepped out of the two-minute eighth round.

He retained his WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO titles in 200 liters and can now be a heavyweight scene – especially with Anthony Joshua.

This is my last stroll – it's been working for 20 years now, and it's over
Tony Belle

The emotional Bellou told BBC Radio 5: "I gave everything, it's a special champion. Everything I'm scared of. He's been fighting the best.

"I had a great plan, I saw my work, but it was not good. It is so difficult and inconvenient that it puts pressure on the tap, tap, tap, then squeezes it. It reassures you and is much more than you think.

"It's probably the best cruise we've ever had. It's either (Evander) Hollifille, and I deserved to see a fight.

"The pains get worse, the big shot, and I do not know if I can harm her. It's even better than boxing.

"This is my last visit. I've been doing this for 20 years, and now it's over. "

Toni Bell Bell Alex (Nick Potts / PA) fell in the eighth round,

Belloull was tempted to delay his retirement plans after Wikiquin became the winner of the Ukrainian World Series of Boxing, and this process unleashed a rare feat of unifying all four main world backgrounds.

Liverpool admitted that the 15-year-old sportsman needed the "world to strike" against the London 2012 prize, which has made significant progress in the professionalism of his athlete.

Below may have been the British rival David Hay on a 200-liter division when he was ill with two successful journeys, but before the call, Belle might have stolen a rally at the back of some aggression.

Wycles began to form a group of southern holes in the beginning of the second round, but Belleva proved that he can not simply absorb the penalty.

He raised some opposing arms and stood in front of the center where Bell'ev's opponent came to defend his opponent and defended him for a third.

Then, in the fourth round, Wins had his best fight, and after a short while Bellu was amazed.

Oleksandr Wick has scored 16-0 on his professional fight (Nick Potts / PA)

Usik, a 31-year-old, was born in Bellevo four years later, gradually shining his opponent from Mercy. He was rescued at the end of the sixth leg.

The belly slowed down and eventually ended up with a left hook, which wound off the sharp right side of the wick and secured it to Belle's back.

He tried hard to lift his career up to two cards of 35-year-old judges who ended their career by 30 wins, three defeats and one game.

But the battle ended with Connor, and he wept after the Bellew brought it to his corner.

Responding to the initial efforts of Usik Beluwew, he told Sky Sports Box: "I knew that he would do it because he had nothing to lose.

"Good champions look like a good opposition – only in this way".

As for his prospects and heavyweight, Wick says: "It was a difficult year in my life. Now I want to relax and spend time with my family. "

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