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Why your favorite TV shows come from Netflix, Entertainment News & Top Rated Events


LOS ANGELES (TCA / DPA) – The Seinfeld Hit Site Finale was broadcast on May 14, 1998, and has since been repeated on cable and local TV channels.

But over 20 years later, its 180 series will soon become one of the coolest features on the TV.

Seinfeld streaming rights available in Hulu since 2015 Comcast, WarnerMedia, and Walt Disney Media Conglomerates come back to the market when they intend to improve the content of direct live streaming services. Receiving Netflix.

The 30-year-old TV series is a new example of a long-running TV show, which has become not only broadcasting skills, but also the first hit on the air.

At present, there are over 500 TV shows, with icons such as Seinfeld, Friends and Office, have become the heaviest artillery used on the next page of current wars.

After seeing Netflix eating in television businesses, former media companies have a streamlined rights to show at their studios and networks. For good reason: they have the ability to attract younger generation.

Removing them from Netflix The flow of hippopotamus company subscribers may increase the cost of the market and the more costly series of markets when it moves to the United States.

Michael Nathanson, Senior Research Fellow at MoFettNathanson, said: "The Netflix industry reduces the difficulties it has with the TV replacement." "They are now like a premium channel in steroids. I hope their attempts to move to Zeinfeld will be competitive. "

Soon Netflix will have the opportunity. Hulu's rights will expire in 2021, but Sony Pictures Television, a Seinfeld distributor, is expected to start asking for applications within the next few weeks.

Sony Pictures television chairman Mike Hopkins told The Los Angeles Times in a recent interview: "We have received many calls about it. "Maybe we will go with him as soon as possible, because there is a lot of heat, as there is a lot of market now. It seems to me that many people need something. "

According to Nielsen, Netflix has been frequently reported for its original programs, and in 2018 its two most popular shows – Office and Friends. Other top hit singers included ABC Gray's anatomy and long-term Supernatural experimental thrillers. Both of them have been continuing their episodes for the last 15 years.

The trend has not been ignored by media conglomerates as they plan to take Netflix in their game. NBCUniversal Netflix has a right to receive office broadcasts – a show owned by its TV studio – for a five-year $ 500 million (US $ 690 million) charge for a new direct customer service scheduled for next year.

WarnerMedia has paid over $ 425 million over five years to untie Telframe's friends from Netflix and is planning to present it in the HBO Max streaming service, which will be launched in the spring of 2020.

Seinfeld, in the opinion of several network and studio managers, orders prices such as Office and Friends. WarnerMedia, Comcast, and Netflix Hulu are expected to compete for the sitcom (which was an apparent figure of $ 160 million during a five-year deal in 2015).

CBS sitcom's Big Bang Theory, released by Warner Bros Television, completed its 12-year work in May. HBO Max is negotiating with Big Bang theory, as well as two or half people licensing, reports Deadline.

NETFLIX & # 39;

Why are they ready to break the bank for streaming rights for shows that are reachable for a number of years? They can be repeated for fans who have been watching for their network and syndication. But 35-year-olds, those who have fallen sharply over the last five years, watching on the air and cable, are opening them on Netflix just like they did.

The office is a great example. In 2013, the series that finished its network in NBC was not successful, its recurrence was syndicated on local TV stations, where rarely one of the cameras and studio audiences were available.

But the Millennium Netflix viewers have come to reflect the life of the show at their workplace – and their stars, Steve Carell and John Krasinski, have acquainted themselves with their feature films. They stuck to the office and stuck to it. The popularity of the program is due to the fact that a small number of loyal subscribers watching most of their 201 episodes.

Using library content to create a new TV platform is not new. In the 1980s and 1990s, cable routes were rising, and old networks were their lifeblood. Andy Griffith, the hottest hit in the '60s, was one of the most popular shows on TBS. NBC has become a legitimate law advocacy dramatist or spectator spot.

Once the streams were launched, the serialized dramas were immediately supported with no sense of syndication. But for sidecones, this adds a lot of money from the sale of cable lines and TVs.

Friends get syndicated revenue of billions of dollars a year. Zeyneldfeld received $ 3.1 billion from syndicate, from 1995 to 2014, and is still a strong performer of TV ratings for TBS and local stations.

The office has demonstrated Netflix's ability to present audiences with traditional TV shows. AMC's low ratings of Breaking Bad were dropped off by his legionnaires until he found it from Netflix. The second seasonal upgrade of the All American CW series has been unclear until network administrators have seen how good the episodes are in the service.

But the power of Office or Friends can be attracted to a completely new flow service. While WarnerMedia and NBCUniversal have a significant set of programs to run their services, Netflix is ​​synonymous with streaming experience.

At the end of the year, Disney, which produces all movies from Netflix for its streaming service, is considered to be the best, as the brand name is well-known to consumers.

"People have found Office in Netflix – they did not buy Netflix for Office," says one of the veteran producers who is engaged in streaming the company and does not want to speak in the record.

"(Netflix's main content specialist) Ted Sarandos believes the platform is as valuable as a product," said the producer.

Netflix refused to comment on this event.

The Los Gatos company, which has a huge presence in Hollywood, allows many viewers to buy through the same window. Consumers are forced to pay monthly fees for multiple services as their favorite show is just one of the challenges facing the newcomers.

Nevertheless, developing competition is not something to be ignored by Netflix.

Sarandos announced that Netflix expects full-time access to other streaming companies and ultimately has to get rid of other software vendors – the main reason why the company invests $ 12 billion in content in 2018 and invests $ 15 billion. This year.

When calling on the company's revenue in the second quarter, Sarandos said the subscriber base was rising in recent years after losing Fox and Nickelodeon programs.

The company reported a loss of 130,000 in the last quarter of the US – the first decline after 2011 is due to the rise in prices and the lack of new shows. While Netflix has expanded its growth capabilities globally, a recent PwC consulting firm may have reached its peak of US $ 60.2 million.

Nathanson does not see the loss of content in the library that has a great impact on Netflix's ability to connect subscribers. But he believes Netflix should boost marketing for its first series, many of which do not pay attention because its main hits, Stranger Things and Orange, are new. Also, telecom managers believe Netflix may need to order more of its first series to keep subscribers longer.

It takes time to find out how the loss of classic hit shows will affect Netflix because the output does not happen at night.

Netflix's office is available until mid-2020. Many deals such as the Disney Gray Anatomy and CBS & nbsp; NCIS, have two major streaming favorites running for several years after the end of this show.

Warner Bros. released a new series of CW – 50 percent of WarnerMedia's telecommunications network, as it has been in recent years, is no longer part of Netflix after its release on TV. They are on CW's own streaming platform, and then landed on HBO Max.

However, Supernatural, along with other CW shows like Flash, Arrow, and Riverdale, contracts for several years after the end of the work on the TV.

Pressure to use MediaClouders to build their competitors to Netflix's competitors is to allow Sony Pictures Entertainment, a Culver City based independent studio, to negotiate with all of them.

The company has a large library of popular TV series, including producer Norman Lear's classics in the 1970s, with late ABC's latest Family Scenarios and Jefferson episodes.

"Having many such services and many resources after them, our best location is to be a saleswoman with a shovel and a shovel during gold rush," Hopkins said.

"This is our job right now".

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