Friday , June 9 2023

Windows 10 preview clarifies search and adds GPU read speed to Task Manager


Windows 10 has been pre-built for upgrading in the first half of 2020, and this is the first release that has made many changes, but none of these are not new.

The key moments in building the 18963 (instantaneous caller testers) include the inclusion of GPU temperatures in the Task Manager, so you can see how much your graphic is hot (or cool, hopeful) when you raise it up. The map works at a glance.

This is only for discrete (i.e., not merged with the processor) GPU, but this is a very useful feature, so you do not have to install third-party monitoring software to test your GPU temperature.

Windows search has been enhanced to be smart and identify spelling errors, for example, while browsing files and folders.

Microsoft has given an example of how it could handle ripoff errors, such as 'powerpiont' and 'exce;' but they did not work – but now they are automatically redirected to "powerpoint" and "excel". Accordingly

It is noteworthy that this capability is not only a tester, but also a Windows 10 release on English-language areas, as this is a server-side change (you need to connect to the Internet to use automatic spell correction).

Search Options also tried to add a "link:" line to the result of the match, giving you the appropriate options, and explaining why the result is for you. Again, this is not just for the testers, but also for the release of Windows 10 – just in the USA. This feature will expand from the simple settings until approx.

In other news that are not related to verification, Microsoft offers users an up-to-date "Home Finder" experience and frequently used applications – an October 2018 upgrade to allow users to quickly access recent search activities. It was previously available to people only during the update in May 2019.

Please note carefully

Notepad has recently been focused on (including searching for roll-ups) and future updates to Notepad will automatically be transmitted through the Microsoft Store. This is useful because it can upgrade Notepad instead of waiting for important updates for Microsoft Windows.

Also, Microsoft has allowed some users to rename a virtual desktop (with these new names after reboot). We talk to some users because this actual change will only happen in 50% of the testers, but will increase over time.

When you modify your Windows account image, there are minor changes, including refinements to improve the process, and as a rule view Microsoft's complete blog for all the information.

There are certain issues, and the most interesting node (which was adopted in 18950) is the link to the "Cloud Download" option when restoring a computer in a Windows recovery environment. Microsoft: "This feature is not yet available. We'll let you know once, so you can see it! »

Therefore, if you are testing the possibility of reinstalling Windows from the Internet, we hope soon after, as the rumor factory has said before.

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