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A cocaine resonance appears in the hockey at Pardubice. It started with Čáslav – Others – Hockey – Sports


Petr Čáslava

In the archives of the Czech Republic, Petr Shaslava (on the right).

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Hockey Defender HK Dinamo Pardubice Petr Čáslava, who is a co-owner of this Czech extralig club, was supposed to be favorably criticized for cocaine at the end of August.

In the summer the experienced power did not want to explain, but according to the latest version
According to the Czech magazine, sports blood test confirmed the availability of the drug
in the car while driving.

In addition, an anonymous source that has led to this periodicity,
he said that he could be a few players in the "pernikar"
use of additive substances. However, the Pardubic leaders claim this
rejected it.

After being subordinated to the instruction of Timetext
medical tests and multiple variations of all players
hockey players did not go with a clean shield. One of the players was in the summer
Leave the cocaine to fight cocaine, and the rest will fall

"It's not about detecting the presence of narcotic substances in your body. Not me,
more players or more information. I am
information about all the players are clean, "he says in common
Pardubice Dusan Salfický web manager

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