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Marian Koçner has pledges of billions of euros in the amount of € 70 million.

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The release of businessman Marian Kotsner, who was recently released from custody, is settled by a special criminal court in Pezinok (CTS).

"On Monday, MK
Material supplied to prepare for the CTS Judge
Supervision over the Prosecutor General's Office's petition
accused of not being released from custody, "said TASS spokesman
ÚSP Jana Tökölyová. "The date of the accusation is still absent
known, "said Katharina Kudjakov, spokeswoman for SCT.

In this case, the supervisory prosecutor of the TPP has recently announced this
private acts of criminal prosecution, in particular hearings and expert opinions
spell checking is still going on
legitimate The reference, irrespective of the defendant's claim,
by the order of the fourth prosecutor.

Marian Koçner is under arrest for accounts on TV-Markíza
70 million euros. Koçner and Pavel In Russia, television has been criminalized
artificially executed securities and notification of court order infringement.
The bills' authenticity has been asked by a private TV from the start of the dispute.
He argues that controversial accounts are never registered on accounts
Accounts or bills that are owned by company accounts
before fraudulent appeals.

Entrepreneur Koçner was detained at the highest level on 28 June
The RC judge. On July 23, the prosecutor of the UCP decided to keep the property
accused of a businessman in connection with a transfer related offense
Property for the ongoing crime in the cadastral area of ​​Donoval
tax and insurance premiums.

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