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On November 13, the Integrated School of Ivanka pri Dunaji School, which offers a study in the field of fisheries, organized the Autumn Carnival of Velkech Blahovo in the Center of Professional Practice.

SENEC. It was a demonstration of the results of the school's ponds, as well as demonstrating how fishermen's skills, such as tools, tools, lines, and how to handle fishermen.

"Future fishermen test twice a day – spring and autumn under the guidance of experienced teachers – clay mud. In fact, students of this department are still in the classroom and have a clear view of the entire process of the philosophy industry. I believe that these are the advantages of professional schools that directly train the students, "said Juraj Drobá in Bratislava's office.

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In the future, the professional experience of fishermen is a place of work at Welske Blahove on the Danube Street. The main part of the target building is a set of three ponds with a total area of ​​72 hectares, mostly with tape bearing and other additional fish. They serve to provide practical training for accountant training and students of the Fisheries Research Department by individual training practices and study practices or schedules.

"There are boys and girls who are studying for four years of fishery education in fishermen's three-year study. At present, this section is innovative in water management. This news pays great attention to water protection. This innovation broadens the knowledge of students in this area.

Therefore, the use of livestock income will be a part of aquatic ecology and water management, as well as water management, water management and water management in water management installations, design organizations, "said Katarina Kubishova, Director of the United School.

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In the founder of the Bratislava autonomous region, Ivanka Prie is a mixed school of professional education and training in fishery in the Dunaji where Slovakia has competence. All Slovak students will take part in it. Currently, it is the only school in the area of ​​fishing, with the exception of adult education for a lifelong learning, for example, a two-year post-graduate course in fisheries and the Fishermen's Union of Fisheries, fishermen, fishing.

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