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Cupra Ateca: At the beginning of a sharp taste. Hundred to 5.2 seconds – News – Auto


Cupra Ateca is the first independent model of the Singu sports division. It combines the advantages of SUVs with dynamic driving dynamics. Repair work has affected all aspects of this vehicle. Only 300 horsepower.

Ateca's sharp ...

The man identified his identity
very clear picture. Connection to large pumps and cellular communications
Bronze logo and Cupra inscription.
Author: Cupra

Kubra began his career in spring. He met Geneva
Your first product – Copper Ateca is the first creative model
Seatu logo was searched softly. Selecting a SUV is logical. Package in this segment
Ateca will certainly be even higher. Place is safe
attract new customers, stay in the middle
basic and premium class. Take a look at it one at a time. Atece Cupra
he really cared. The awesome "tuning" has surpassed us
sometimes used only when presenting simple works
Seat. There was no design or technique in sports treatment.

Cupra Ateca has received a gorgeous box of sports bumpers
and extended suction nozzle in bumper, black color of LED reflectors
and many black shiny decorations. The black piano can be found on the edges
windows, tents, rear view mirrors and a central mask
Bronze logos are located. Additionally, it complements the Cupra aluminum inscription
on the bottom of the bumper. We can find it back to the bottom. with shining
The black diffuser produces a "four" chrome tube. integer
it complements 18-inch diamond drives and six special offers
Body Color – Energy Blue, Velvet Red, Brilliant Silver, Rodion Gray,
Magic Black or Nevada White.

Black bright decorations only ...

Black diamonds decorated with fashion
not only roof tiles and windows, but also special 19-inch discs
wheels. The output shows four outbound gas pipelines.
Author: Cupra

Cupy Heat, built on the MQB modular platform, is a 4-cylinder 2.0 TSI
221 kW and 400 Nm. These are golf-like values.
They have modified the 7-speed DSG gearbox from two posts
quick reactions and 4Drive axes
Haldex has an electric hydraulic connection. It divides time between the two
depending on the instant axes – speeds, acceleration speeds,
wheel rotation and adhesion cases. Then Cupra Ateca is not surprising
It controls 5.2 seconds and max. 247 km / sec. Help yourself
while Launch can manage Sprint Sprint. That's all
weight 1,540 kg.

The interior of Alcantara is full of aluminum and piano.

The interior is full of carcasses,
aluminum and piano black. Analogue devices have been serialized
digital cockpit.
Author: Cupra

The modified chassis has an independent wheel suspension. In front of the tubes
McPherson Struts and multicast multitourse on the back. It's over
There are DCC (Dynamic Chasis Control) adapters, so the crew is optional
suffers from a very severe suspension. If this is not enough, Cupra will add
An additional 19-inch disc with Brembo's clear diameter brake
The fans are 340 and 310 mm respectively. You will also be grateful to them
shiny black housings. Drivers Comfort,
Sports, Snow, Off-Road, Private and new Cupra mode. mode
Cupra not only changes gas, gearboxes, steering and chassis, but also changes
engine acoustics, which adds several decibels.

The disc drive included a 4-cylinder 2.0 FDI.

Runs on a 4-cylinder 2.0 TSI disk drive
221 kW and 400 Nm torque torque. It joins a number of series
7-speed DSG and 4Drive four-wheel drive.


Emotionally enhances the interior with a smooth perforated steering wheel,
Alcantara has a door fitting and sports seats
Carbonated skin can also be found. Aluminum pedals and thresholds
The stripes complement the black porcelain decoration. Ateka received an extra
a 10.25-inch virtual cockpit with special graphics. This is the case
and a 8-inch touchscreen interface with a multimedia interface
In addition to conventional data, load information, oil temperature,
immediate productivity. Also, there are no Cupra logos on steering wheels, chairs or coupons
floor mats. The sports atmosphere ends with a black hut
surround backlight. Even when you unlock the door, the door will be projected
the symbol of Cupra.

Serial equipment is very rich. It also covers two areas
air conditioning, Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Seat service
DriveApp, inductive charging and various auxiliary systems. Cupra
Ateka will reach the market by the end of this year
277 featured seminars in Europe. The prices start approximately
46,000 euro. He does not leave alone. Next year there is a portfolio
Kubra leads to León and subsequent autonomous models. He must go
Seatt logo SUV coupe without a backpack.

Dimensions, volume, weight

Length (mm) 4376
Width (mm) 1841
Height (mm) 1611
Wheelbase (mm) 2631
Volume / luggage capacity (l) 485/55
Open weight (kg) 1540

Technical data

engine 2.0 TSI
Cuban power (cm) 1984
Number of cylinders / valves 4/16
Max power (kW / rpm) 221/5 300
Grid (Nm / hr) 400/2000
Transmission 7-DSG
Max. speed (km / h) 247
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km 5.2

Cupra Ateca -

Cupra Ateca -

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