Friday , October 7 2022

Facebook Messenger comes with a completely visual change


Facebook Messenger is not just chat service for a number of years, it's a personal social network that Facebook does not need to work on. Since the beginning of the year, Facebook Messenger has undergone major changes.

Simplify the UI. This new Facebook 4 must have a major change, which gradually began to distribute to users. Only nine of the nine original tabs are displayed in the new program:

  • The Conversation tab (chat) serves to start and resume a conversation. There is also visual media (such as the camera).
  • On the People tab, you'll find your friends, their stories, and you'll see just what's happening.
  • When you click the Discover tab, you will see your company report, you can play Instant Games, book holiday, track alerts, and more.

This change comes when Facebook needs to be returned to users. They lost credibility after being attacked by more than 30 million people, including those who had access to Messenger information. According to Kelton Global, the simplicity of the Messenger user is important in 7 of the 10 users, which has led to improvements.

Other changes to the application are not cosmetic. A new Messengera version should be released gradually and available to all users for a few weeks.

If you do not like the Messenger's dreams, we have good news for you. Black mode will be available shortly. However, if you like more options, unfortunately, there's no way you can go back to old design.


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