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Iconic Geisberg († 64) ceases to fight cancer: ŠOK is for your colleagues … Heart Reaction!


Doctors found that his heart died in the hospital because of his heart failure. Finally, he suffered other health problems. Gaisberg suffered a malignant tumor. Depending on the lung cancer, he was treated surgically and was treated intensely. The doctors' efforts were unsuccessful and on Saturday they fought on the icicle of dramatic plays and television films.

His voice was not remembered, his face blazed. He has traveled numerous Slovenian theaters from Presov, from Martin to Bratislava, where he has been a member of the SND drama since 1992. In 2013, he achieved great success in rebuilding the film, and many glitter fans remembered it from the series Sedem s r.

Anna Shishka, actress

Iconic Geisberg († 64) lost

Source: RTVS

"I beg your pardon, I did not expect it. For several years, I play with Trnava and Prešov, and I must say that it is a fantastic actor, a very special person. As to politics, society is concerned about everything. He was a wonderful musician and a truly charismatic man. Once she played, I realized that when I played and watched with him, I had to look at it. I regret that I was too early.

Elena Podzemska, actress

Iconic Geisberg († 64) lost

Source: Vlado Angel

"I was completely surprised. I guess I think it's all in Slovakia like the actor community. It was an unexpected thing, and I can only say that is good. He saw King Lir completely with icons. I remember the name of Marian, it's one of the great P and big H actors, and I can not say anything. It's also staggering and extremely tragic … Let's have a rest in heaven.

Marek Shapak is an actor

Iconic Geisberg († 64) lost

"Maria Geezburg was one of the most prominent figures in theater and cinema. This happened when I met my professor Carol Zahmar, and they were with me, so they went with us. So it was stronger among us. From the point of view of model, warning and value, it is a pity that the quality of the person is short. Respect his memory.

Basida Turonova, actress

Iconic Geisberg († 64) lost

Source: TASR

"This is a great loss, especially for our wives and sons, and our colleagues liked it. For theater, this is a significant loss. I'm sorry.

Matej Landl, Actor

Matte Landl has a wife

"We are close friends with Maros. I was with him in the theater for four years – in Martin. It was a wonderful and very fruitful period that surprised me as a wonderful, wonderful actor. I know everything, and in addition to being a great actor, composer, singer, I know that he is a very clever, well-educated person who knows very well about socio-political and political issues. Of course, the Kukukiya cottage joined us, where we spent hundreds, hundreds of hours together. An amazing artist, actor, singer, singer, texture and great friend. «


Iconic Geisberg († 64) lost

Source: TV JOJ

"I'm sorry. Maros will miss us very much.

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