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If a cow game plays Red Dead Redemption 2 then?


If you want to get Red Dead Redemption 2 and like games? We have certain candidates.


Red Dead Redemption 1 and Red Dead Revolver

If you have played Red Dead Redemption 1 (10/10), try playing it on RDR2. If you do not have PS3 or Xbox 360, it is available on Xbox One with true compatibility with the 4K update for Xbox One X. Red Dead Redemption is a great game for even two players to play. Both of these are not as detailed, but as process and quality.


Ultimately, Red Dead Revolver (8/10), the first PS2 case – this bag is not that good and has not even opened the world. The game is only 8 points. The game is still ahead of Red Dead Redemption 2, but it's not funny. The game will now play PS2, Xbox, PS3 and PS4. Of course, the emulsion on your computer.


Call of Juarez Sria

Modern Western Series – Invitation from Tech Tech to Huarez. It is not enough for Red Dead Redemption, but it's fun and it's not bad at all. The first Call of Juarez (8.4) appeared on the PC and Xbox360 in 2006, with two player gamers and one for hidden action. Continued in 2009, Juarez: blood contact (9.0) was very good for the game and it was 9.0.


If you want to play Juarez Sri Call, Cartel has for some reason refused to move to modern Mexico and not wild. But please, sksteCall of Juarez: Gunslinger (8.0), the last game game that has received more comedy, but has a touch and atmosphere.

Interestingly, Juarez plays the game Red Dead Sri, that is, before the harsh wildlife.


Desperados and Helldorado

If you want a tactical wild game game, this is not as good as the Desperados 1 (9.2) and Desperados 2 (7.0) as well as the Helldorado title. Commandos teams have different tactical strategies with different characters and you have to eliminate them with missions and goals. The atmosphere was good and there were locks. Desperados III has been destroyed.



If you recall the classics, you are amazed that Outlaws, the legend of Lucasart in 1997, has turned your attention to simple 3D graphics, free play, superbly scanned, and partly multiplayer for your time. GOG is a 5-euro wide game



Western-style Western-style action Gun (7.2) emerged in 2006 as an alternative to Neversofto and the Red Dead. They have opened the world and have been able to diversify their money and bring only a five-hour basic stock.


Westerdoo: twice as many

If you want to enjoy a lot, there is a Vesterere, which has a good pixel cowboy, which is on the way to revenge. This is a mixture of adventure and adventure events to get you offensive to deceiving your families. The game is available on PC and Xbox One.


From other western games that control the world, wildlife has real-time stratigraphy, and you're early-accessible. There is also a tactical game in the Westslingers pixel graphics or the tactical game Hard West in Xcomu. These games are a few multiplayer online wildlife Wild Wild West. Possible, but the dock authors fill them up.

If you have High Noon or Westard virtual reality. On the other hand, if you play on mobile phones, look at the classic Gameloft Six Guns on the Red Deadu, even in 2011, when it comes to Gunfighter or Western Cowboy.

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