Friday , January 27 2023

In Antarctica, scientists discovered the lost continent


No, that's not Atlantic's myth.

We do not know much about Antarctica, but we have sent many expeditions to this oceanic continent. Everlasting snowflakes and many hidden secrets around it surround it. Some of them have long been known to us, but most of them cover the mystery of glaciers. Humans have long waited for our technology to explore the South Pole in detail.

European Space Agency built a satellite Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer, whose role was in the years 2009 and 2013 Insert the gravitational field of the Earth. In particular, scientists are concerned that the speed of gravitational acceleration at rapid pace and the differences between the vertical and horizontal effects of the gravitational field.

In Antarctica, scientists discovered the lost continent

Together with seismic activity data, they overcame the 3D model of the Earth's tectonic layers.

"These gravitational images lead us to know about the least known continent in the Antarctic Revolution" "wrote Fausto Ferraccioli.

Thanks to new technologies, scientists have proven it Find the remains of ancient Antarctic ice.

"We see an incredible mosaic of geological features that distinguish fundamental analogies and differences in anthracous and other continental crust 160 million years ago in the Antarctica of the East" Ferraccioli explained.

In Antarctica, scientists discovered the lost continent

Studies have shown differences between East and West Antarctica. In the western part there is a rather thin layer and lithosphere plate, and in the eastern part of the mountain area and the ancient rock of the crust Kraton, much thicker.

Cratons are the oldest parts of the Earth's lithosphere, and can give a great deal of information about the most common history of the planet. Scientists have observed very similar phenomena Australia or India, Near Antarctica.

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