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It's Obama's fault. This did not allow her a princess


The event was the first official visit to Buckingham Palace in 2009.

For more than a year with the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, Michelle and his daughters, Maliu and Sasha, they are excited outside the White House and outside the daily media. She refused Obama's new "Becoming" book about time with one of the world's strongest men.

The former first lady of the United States, even in 2009, expressed self-denial about the mistake she could make at the beginning of her husband's presidential career, DailyMail reports. During his first official trip to Buckingham Palace, she had just reached the shoulder of the queen of Elizabeth. The participants were amazed, and the people were disturbed. Nothing was said the following days.

Since the first lady had been harshly violating the tsarist protocol, she had a lot of trouble at first. One of the basic provisions of the rigid protocol – the King should not hold anyone. Not the United States' first lady.

However, according to Michelle Obama, nothing really was possible. The queen, according to her, had no problems, on the contrary. Gentleman forbade him to act and hugged his American host. The book tells about British independence, when they said that they had been defending themselves all day long on their high legs. "We just had two bad feet," he explained, and eventually smiled at each other as a whole.

For some, this gesture was a grave crime, and the first advisor did not believe that the first lady did not warn the first lady in strict protocol rules. However, Barack Obama explained in his book: "I just made an instinctive thing with the person I know, and it seems to me that I feel."


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