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Jakubko, Robko and Petko have to be treated to survive: they did not approve us at the same time!


They initially did not accept the treatment, but without them they survived. The case of four Slovak squads was broken. Adamko had already been treated, but what about three boys?

A great day is coming for little squash! On the right tomorrow, November 22, 2018, the Categorization Committee of the Ministry of Health will decide on Dushann's drug dystrophy, the only option and rescue.

"This is the last hope for boys. If they do not classify medicines, these children will be treated without treatment. This is an initiative for children 's lives and health,"said Lucia Baazhova, legal representative of four musketeers for

Only four of these boys are suitable for new and modern medicine in Slovakia, as one of the conditions that demonstrates treatment is the patient's unique ability. So men take time to stop listening to the muscles. 9-year-old Adamko from Bratislava has already been released from the insurance company and paid for some time. And what about three other musketeers?

Sick treatment is the worst

Just look at their photos. They are full of life, joy, childhood laughter, eyebrows. However, since early childhood you have to deal with congenital tuberculosis. Wele Züüüse Pri Nitre, Robco Vasco Zotzitz and Pittko Badé, three big big bombers, despite their severe diagnosis and life, are still alive but every day their body is stealing.

That's the time they are. They will not help anymore until they are cured. Life in a disability chairs, and then preventing the death of the body and subsequent organs. All of these affect the lives of such children.

But there is a drug called Transvarnna. However, it is not endorsed by the European Medicines Agency, even if it is properly registered. This was confirmed by Lucia Bayz, acknowledged by children as legitimate.

«This drug has been re-evaluated at a Census Commission meeting in July, but has not been approved because of the inadequate clinical trials demonstrating the drug's efficacy.

Subsequently, the holder of the medicinal product was denied all the legislative requirements for the classification of medicinal products and the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic due to the deviation from the restrictions provided by the legislation. The Minister acknowledged this fact, so in this case, the categorization commission " describes the course of the struggle for approval of the medicinal product.

The truth is that clinical trials do not last for one or two weeks, but the results of treatment are clearer than in 9-year-old Bratislava. However, Daniel, from neighboring Czechoslovakia, was also the mother, and the son learned to bike with that diagnosis! Yakubko from Jilin …

Source: Four Musketeers

This is the most valuable time for children

This is not just a cliché. Indeed, their condition can worsen every week or every day. Instead of using medicines, the Ministry decides to adopt it for the second time in Slovakia.

Why is it important? "According to the amendments, the share of participation was determined, that is, if the insurance company recommends release, it can pay 75-90% of the amount of the drug. However, if it is approved by the categorization commission of the Ministry of Health, it will be paid in full from health care. Here we are not talking about a small amount, but about € 20,000 a month for every child is unacceptable for parents, Lucia Bajz says:

European Medicines Agency for use in the European Union has adequately approved drugs, and even in August of this year, children of the two-year-olds, the fourth Musketeer's lawyer, only 5 years old.

Three warriors – James, Peck and Rob – are really time consuming. "Parents are already hopeless. Muscular dystrophy is a very progressive disease. Children do not have time to wait one year for someone to solve one. This is a severe and aggressive diagnosis. Children can be weak or weak every day or weekly. « it adds.

Therefore, the only thing is to wait for the decision of the Commission on categorization of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Poland. If they approve this drug and are classified in Slovakia, the insurer will be able to recover it completely. Only unhappy families, especially boys, can be saved by those who live and work as healthy babies.

Source: Four Musketeers

Source: Four Musketeers

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