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Japan supports the sustainability of Renault and Nissan alliances, but it wants to be of great help


The prosecutor's office also considers a lawsuit against a Japanese car maker.

21. snow 2018 13:49 TASS

TOOKIO. Japan is ready to work with the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi alliance after the improbable arrest of Carlo Gosn, Chairman of the Board.

Nissan said on Wednesday that the Japanese auto maker was looking for ways to weaken the French partner.

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Ghosn's financial detention on Monday dropped the 196-year-old alliance, which was extended to Mitsubishi Motors in Japan in 2016. Ghosn created a personal union and sought to further strengthen it.


"We need to return to the original idea of ​​Win-win relations," he told reporters. According to him, relations in the alliance should be "equal to the former".

Nissan's share of Renault has dropped, which has delayed, and later Ghosn has a leading position and should be one of the options that has brought more profit than its French counterpart.

The French car maker owns a 15 percent stake in Renault and 43.4 percent of Nissan's share in Mitsubishi Motors, with 34 percent share.

One of the most popular automakers in Japan, Ghosn, has hidden some of Japan's revenue and has been detained privately for personal use.

The Japanese is like a victim

Nissan's general director, Hiroto Saikawa, described the Japanese car maker as a victim of accusation. But Nissan is being controlled, according to the Asahi newspaper on Wednesday, accusing the prosecution of a lawsuit against Japanese automakers.

Because Ghosn is missing out on the image, the future form of the alliance is intensified speculative. Mitsubishi Motors executive director Osamu Masuko said on Tuesday that it would be difficult to manage the alliance without a leading figure like Ghosn.

The success of the alliance allows car manufacturers to jointly develop products and control costs, which is important for its members when they are undergoing significant changes. The change in the taste of consumers and competitors invests billions into new growth areas, such as automated access to the Internet.

Given these factors, the Japanese and French governments have supported the alliance and called for stability after the arrest of Gosn.

Japan is ready to support the Alliance. "This is a sign of French-Japanese industrial success," said the representative of the Tokyo government and "a stable relationship between the three car manufacturers".

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