Saturday , June 19 2021

Many Slovak companies do not accept many modern payment methods

According to our tradition, payment types are widespread in our country.

One third of Slovak companies offer invoices to consumers to pay the most up-to-date methods – online transfer, digital purse, or cryptos. They prefer bank transfer or other traditions and do not plan to make any changes in the future. This is due to the practice of European European payments 2018, developed by EOS KSI, which is engaged in debt management.

Digital payment methods are not popular in companies, for example, online transfer offers only 28% of traders in Slovakia. This is not because it expects the feature or impedes the technical capabilities. While 58% did not think about online payments, 14% said they did not plan.

Annual payment types

It does not even want to see mobile payments, digital digital wallets or cryptos, for example, bitokine. They do not plan and plan only a small number of companies. For example, 82% of companies do not consider mobile payments, up to 95% above the cryptosystem.

"Paradoxes believe that although companies can not use modern payment methods, up to one-third of them can increase the percentage of time they pay. Companies in Europe who share similar ideas will remain in the form of payments for years, "explains Peter Hettech, EOS KSI Sales Director.

Traditional payment methods include more than half of the most frequently used bank transfers in Slovakia or invoices, as well as advance payments, cash, or repayment schedules that are about one-third of them.

EOS's "European Payments Experience" study was conducted eleven times, in spring of 2018, the Canter TIN of the Independent Market Research Agency addressed 3,400 experts from 17 European countries, including 200 companies from Slovakia.

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