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Most polling stations – Handlová & s Tavern – Communist elections 2018 – Elections


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The voter puts an envelope containing ballots at the polling station at the Handlove pub.

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Obviously, Handlová was the smallest traditional place in the local area. More than four hundred voters can go back to the tavern. One day, he turned into a polling station with a polling station, a train or a desk for the election commission. One day, they closed the cabinet for shelter, and the stamps were gone. They complained that they had to freeze in connection with the election.

Elections in the tavern are not the first time to reach the highest level
the regional offices were held in the building of the pub. "One of the upper polling stations is Upper
Last year, Handlove changed its position due to the loss of business
non-residential premises.

Handl's residents have been leased to meet the residents on this site
based on a lease agreement for a district polling station
There are 16 rooms in the Brazemi hotel that does not serve on Saturday
hospitality, "the city's press secretary Polina said
was elected to replace the electoral district to ensure access to voters
From every corner of the top. "It was confusing
the site is barrier. The polling station is a modified bar
drinks, the elements of the game were moved ", – said J.Paullin.
According to him, the elections to the polls last year were very high.
Although the Supreme Territorial Territory is represented by Handlová
17 percent, and finally, it's about 23 percent.

Handlová Election Commission, local building ... "data-original =" https://ipravda.sk/res/2018/11/10/thumbs/volby-2018-handlova_01-nestandard1.jpg

Handlo election commission in construction
local pub.
Author: Правда, Tatyana Mikhalkova

Also, the Supreme Court of Audrey Box, as the chairman of the election commission, is the election
they attracted many people to the tavern. It lasted for thirteen hours
Removing more than a hundred people from four people. "Elections are amazed
good, "the chairman of the election commission said. She thinks she's long
the participation of the electorate is related to the fact that they are elected in the lighted tavern
Wooden wood, but people are interested in choosing.

"There are many problems, such as sewage, so they think about it
they can change, "said Benck. Members of the election commission
The center of the pubs praised. "We are working here, here is heat.
So, I did not face such a situation in the elections "
"Benk said. According to him, the voter did not have the post after the elections
beer. "It is forbidden now," he said.

Non-enthusiastic people say that the tavern has become one of the electorates
The room was local players. They sat on the back of the jacket
and they breathe in their hands. "If they did, they would have us excited
Instead of choosing now, we have to freeze, "he added.

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