Monday , June 5 2023

PC Revue | Siemens will be the largest warehouse in the Czech Republic


The 4 MW battery will be located at the C-Energia station at Plané nad Lužnicí.

C-Energy Planá heat and power supplier in the South of the Czech Republic will build a new photovoltaic power plant with the largest assembly system in the Czech Republic in 2019. With SIESTART, the SIESTORAGE (Siemens Energy Storage) storage solution will help make the power generation more efficient and increase the power supplier's ability to provide affordable prices for your customers.

By setting up a large savings system, C-Energy Planá is one of the pioneers in using this technology in Central Europe. «We have chosen SIESTORAGE technology for its versatility, technical specifications and reliability and support for Siemens during its implementation, as well as at the service and maintenance phase. I think the experience we gained helps us and other people to find new ways of energy conservation,"Said Libor Doyage, CEO of C-Energy Planá.

The SIESTORAGE modular assembly system includes the latest management systems for lithium-ion batteries, transformers, inverters, transformers, and other support systems installed outside the refinery. This concept facilitates transport to the site and reduces installation work. The storage capacity is 4 MW with a guaranteed capacity and a minimum capacity of 2.5 MW for 10 years. The SIESTART application allows the battery to be used with existing switches.

SIESTORAGE on the Plan affirms the growing demand for batteries to be used as a backup resource for business and municipalities to take advantage of short-term energy. Wireless systems are also used to provide support services, such as frequency and voltage monitoring, or blackout.

Under the C-Energy Plana project, the SIESTORAGE Competency Center has been established in Central and Eastern Europe based on energy conservation solutions. Thanks to the Competence Center, Siemens ensures full implementation of keywords, including service work.

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