Monday , January 30 2023

PC Revue | You can watch movies for free on YouTube. But he has a hook


In late October, YouTube posted videos for free, but this feature report only appeared last week. However, constantly pop-up ads appear on commercial advertisers. While Google has declined to comment on how often you see your ads while watching movies, some are talking about about 10 or more adverts.

Free movies have great relationships with Hollywood's big movie studios. You do not want to see the hit hits, but there are even more attractive themes. Through Terminator I or Rocky I V, of course, without dubbing or subtitles. A full list of movies at this address.

This was stated by YouTube Product Management Director Rohit Davan "Free video clips are a great opportunity for users and advertisers who can advertise on a high-quality video."

This feature can not compete with ad supported streaming services, Hulu, but in the future you need to select free movies. However, the service is for US users only so you can watch the movies only when you sign in with an American IP address.


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