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Source: TASR

Katarina Rashlova, Chairwoman of the Slovak Society for Diabetes, has shown how to prevent diabetes.

Regular exercise and proper nutrition are important for preventing Type 2 diabetes, Rašlová says any exercise or training with high energy costs is the basis for future health.

In 2002, the diabetes prevention program has more physical activity than diabetes prevention. Rashlova said that it would also apply to other health concerns. "I started a day before a few days ago, the next day I decided to sit down, the next day I postponed it or when I returned from a five-kilometer walk, both drugs, and I took it for high blood pressure," said SDS Chairman. Systematic movement in the brain stimulates the production of happy hormones – endorphins.

Do not forget about meals. "Every meal should be balanced with the best of fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables have fibers, vitamins and particles that can have a good effect on the human body," says Rashlova.

On the contrary, excessive consumption of high energy foods with poor diet and low fiber causes excessive weight and obesity. "This is an important factor in the development of diabetes," said Zbynek Shroner, SDS Deputy Director.

Type 2 diabetes accounts for more than 90 percent of all diabetes worldwide, which, according to experts, mainly affects lifestyle and the environment. As diabetes is said, but already children and youth.


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