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Terrible shots of a plane landed in Bratislava


Scared passengers and crying kids. The media has published a horror video about a flight from the Colombian city of Rumania to the Irish city of Dublin and suddenly had to break the technical problems on board.

The cause of the emergency landing in Bratislava was the pressure of the cabin. The passenger company sent spare airplanes five hours later.

Cluj-Napoca and Dublin travel made it difficult for travelers on the Slovak side. The passengers interrupted the cockpit's strong smell, and the crew launched oxygen masks. But some of them laughed and complained that they had difficulty breathing. Panic multiplied the fact that even young children were crying on board.

As Blue Air said, the pilot decided to land at the nearest airport in Bratislava due to suspicion of pressure in the cabin. The information is provided by Letiska M.R. The spokesperson of Štefánik also confirmed. "On Wednesday, October 31, 2018, at 10.32 am due to the pressure of the cabin, a blue line passed from M.R. Štefánik airport, Veronika Ševčíková said that the passenger was frightened by a spare aircraft in more than five hours.

What is the risk of overloading the cabin?

Peter Švec, pilot

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– Airplanes fly at a high level with very low pressure and breathable air. For this reason, the cabin "inflated" by blowing the air of the engines. This is called overpressure. Loss of overpressure generally means that the cabin air is released and the conditions in the cabin are life-threatening. First Aid means pilots descend to a height where the air is breathable – below 3000 meters. Meanwhile, the masks from which oxygen breathes pass over the passengers.

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