Wednesday , October 5 2022

The chest was a sign of severe diagnosis


Warn not to be a little disassociated from women! The pretreatment that he did not consider significant was really a sign of serious illness.

After a doctor's examination, Charlotte Wittman (44 years) became a dentist. Often, the oviduct was the initiator of a rare and aggressive type of breast cancer.

Charlotte remembers that her left chest was bad and bad every day, but she believed it was allergic reaction. His or her partner Gary Bolk (51) did not see any significant thing and ignored their symptoms. After three weeks of regular scraping, Charlotte decided to go to the doctor. However, the diagnosis at the third stage was his breathing, chest syndrome. «I do not think it could be a cancer for millions of years, "AIRIR" brought his wife to Birmingham. This report was hard for Gary, whose first wife died of the same diagnosis.

After the last six chemotherapy and removal of his left chest, Charlotte's future is good. «There was no choice but to take my chest. I found it from the beginning, so I have the opportunity to fight it, "he said.

Charlotte announced her story to warn all women with unusual symptoms. "Many people believe that malignant neoplasm affects only the elderly, but this is not right, and the smaller people should be careful."

Breast cancer is a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer where lymph nodes in the breast are blocked by cancer cells.

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