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The creative Super X-Fi was sold in the United States. After being successful in Singapore over 99% of clients satisfied


Before US orders, they started after 1 January 2019 after successful SXFI Amo in Singapore on 1 November 2018

Creative X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X SXFI Amp – The first appearance of Super X-Fi technology, the best of CES 2018 (AVS Forum). The new SXFI Amp has achieved a record achievement when it is launched with a very high number of satisfied customers over 99%. SXFI combines Amp Super X-Fi technology with high-performance, high dynamic USB speakers amplifier.

We were amazed at answering Super X-Fi. Thousands of people have bought SXFI Amp for a week. We made a good decision from a large group of casual customers in different areas when they heard the sounds of the Super X-Fi, and others even surprised that mono music called a "live" concert said Darren Nathan, Super X-Fi Sales Director.

"We are proud that over 99% of our customers feel good about SXFI Amp! It exceeded my expectations. To be honest, I am glad that the results reach 80%. Therefore, we thank all our customers for their support. Our team worked so hard. Make your headphones sound realistic, with the " "said Sim Von Hu, managing director of Creative Technology and founder of Super X-Fi technology.

"And I will not abandon the remaining 1%. At present we are aware of their needs and we are confident that we will be able to adapt Super X-Fi technology to the same satisfaction as maintaining their privacy. " "It's just a beginning. Like copying from white to black, it's my personal goal to allow anyone in my headphones to use the Super X-Fi Magic. Beginning with 2018 in Las Vegas, CES 2018, we have been able to answer many questions both in the United States and throughout the world. At present we will start using this advanced technology in the United States in January 2019 after Europe, Many respected technological critics and bloggers were amazed at SXFI Amp, many of them having editorial choices and other high ratings: Whether to play games, watch movies or listen to music, my sound experience was good with the amplifier. Each device has a real volume of sound. Creative Super X-Fi Amp is a well-functioning and truly magical headset technology.– Trevor Tan, Deputy Technical Editor, Straits Times, SXFI Amp in the article titled "Straits Times Tech Editor Choice" The sound of the future.

"Listening to some of Michael Jackson's hits led me to the pillow when I closed the door and sent it to my X-F-system. The sound of the movie was already pretty good, and the recordings of musical videos and concerts made me feel coldPaul Mah, South China Morning Post, Creative SXFI Amp: Amazing sound that can change the headphone volume.

The company, which has made its name in the field of digital audio to others, says that technology is great. After testing for more than a week, this is really true. The sound is really impressive … «– Alfred Siew, editor of TechGoond, article: Creative's own dynamic amplifier supplies SXFI magic. SXFI has received the Amp Editor's Award.

Question: Does SXFI satisfy what Amp has promised? I have to admit that. When connected, the home theater is audible. & # 39; & # 39; & # 39;– Aloysius Low, CNET, in article: "At the end of the creative SXFI Amp, here is a Creative Holography technology – and soon it will become yours."

"You never hear sound with SXFI technology." Sherself Loch from GeekCulture «Geek Review: Creative SXFI AMP», and presented it to editorial awards.

The TV screen has acquired the Screensaver of the Singapore screen, Darren Lim, SXFI Amp. The spontaneous action of the Super X-Fi after listening was as follows: I recall that I was watching YouTube, and I think this was Mr. Sim, and that he was the equivalent of switching to black and white. In my opinion, he will not go … When I first saw him online, I thought that the price was very low at $ 219, and I was skeptical. This is a big step in comparison with the transition to a color TV. So I'm looking forward to something more. Such a price is available to everyone, if you do not install it, cut yourself. « Read the full story here:

Mark Hennenger, Editor of the AVS Forum, the largest voicemail forum in the world at Super X-Fi when he heard CEDIA-2018 in San Diego: , "I have heard video games that sound a bit frustrated." More reviews can be found here.

Super X-Artistic work

Listen to the sound through a multitasking system, and repeat this experience, depth, data, soundtrack, three dimensionality, attractiveness and authenticity, and more. It's like a magic of 3D holography, but with sound and headphones.

Super X-Fi converts this information set to the same breath of headphones by applying modern accuracy technology to the acoustic mapping of the sound system in three-dimensional space.

Everyone we hear is different from the type of hearing and the structure of the head. Super X-Fi uses artificial intelligence to figure out ear shape and human head, and uses headphones to create a Super X-Fi soundtrack with a complex algorithm that evaluates head and headphone information.

Price and Availability• The cost of SXFI AMP is $ 149.99, and will be pre-paid in the United States starting November 1, 2018. • SXFI Amp will be sold in January 2019 in Europe. • Europe's enthusiasts can reserve at / AMP-EU

Buyers of the first SXFI Amp will receive the Aurvan SE Super X-Fi headset for $ 69. This offer will be available for a limited time and duration of inventory.

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