Friday , October 7 2022

The heat-resistant window film is designed to reduce the airflow and help the environment


Transparent window film can rise up to 70% from solar radiation, so cool air space is not expensive. Due to the present invention, the environment can be saved.

Scientists have made a movie for a window that can surpass the future trend. Its main task is to prevent the heat from entering the room. In the summer we often use air to cool rooms, but it is not free. That is why we save on the costs and partly take part in saving the environment. Including our climate, we release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Source: Latest Comment / MIT

The film can jump to more than half of sunlight and stay transparent up to 32 ° C. If this limit is exceeded, it becomes a cloth and looks like a frozen glass, but it can deliver enough room light. It has a simple plastic pouch and can be easily connected to the window.

Previously they had already tried and now they have been able to do it and they are trying to improve it

MIT University researchers have begun to solve this problem with the full dose of self-esteem. The ancient inventions, as previously used, blocked the heat as well as something new. Scientists have realized that their production should satisfy the infrared radiation duration of water-filled industries. A new movie should even enhance the production of intelligent windows. However, they constantly test it, change the formula, and improve the ability to block the heat.

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