Friday , February 3 2023

The new SpaceX rocket is called Star Ship


The rocket carrier is delivered to space.

SpaceX has a new name for the new rocket launching in Mars during the next few years. So far, he has received the Big F *** Rocket version because he must be the largest rocket in the world. At the moment, Twitter's Elon Mask has announced that his company has given Starfish ship Starship.

This is a two-speed car that Starship marks its top, it also carries the human crew.

Elon Mus

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The masks were the worst year. It may be the only one

The first stage – the whole atmosphere is called the Super Hawie, the main rocket carrier of the Earth's atmosphere. Recall that today's modern rocket space is called Falcon Heavy SpaceX seminar.

Make sure that Musa is planning to make a video month:

There was a small patch in the Twitters. The name of the starship is really inaccurate if the machine does not go beyond our own star system. The head of SpaceX said that later versions of the machine would do something and work.

The biggest and the unique

At present, the starry ship develops seven engines and the use of several winged valves in the shape of the wing.

Thanks to them, this is a special way to set up. As in the atmosphere of a porter, it becomes paralyzed and landed vertically.

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