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The number of people suffering from multiple sclerosis is increasing


Many sclerosis – autoimmune disease – the immune system fights against the body.

There are about 8,000 patients with sclerosis in Slovakia. "Their number is increasing, and may be due to early diagnosis and especially to extending patients' lives," said Yarmil Fainorova, President of the Slovak Society for Scleroris Multiplex (SZSM) for TASR.

Diffuse sclerosis

Disease affects the central nervous system, the brain, and the spinal cord. It is one of the autoimmune diseases that the immune system fights against the body. In particular, it attacks and damages nerve fibers.

If someone is concerned, it is usually normal to have sclerosis. Neurologist Branislav explains the absence of sclerosis, such as bronchial sclerosis. Clinical manifestations of a person with vascular sclerosis are obvious if the disease affects the brain, which is responsible for the mental function. "Multicross sclerosis is called multiple sclerosis, because the abundance of disease is scattered all over the brain," explained TASR Brezhny.

The first symptoms of the disease can occur for several years before developing the clinical condition of the disease. Often the first symptom is fatigue, limbs and weakness of the hands. "The patient usually does not pay attention to the patient and does not see the doctor because he thinks it is not upset," said the neurologist. Patients are seen in patients with reduced visual acuity, urinary tract disorders, fracture disorders, and traumatic traps.

The cause of the disease is unknown

"The multiplication of the sclerosis differs in different and frequently encountered expressions. The diagnosis may not be easy, and it can confuse the head with an experienced neurologist, "says Brezhni, but the most difficult question is the impetus and fatigue limit." Patients do not just move, they do not. During the little exercise, they must relax and relax, "says Fainor. Patients use walking sticks, French bars, pedestrians and wheelchairs for the most serious movement disorders. Effect on soft hands is making it more difficult.

Experts still do not know the exact cause of the disease. Infection factor can be virus infections. "There are more than a hundred viruses diagnosed after infection," say experts, adding that hygienic norms, stress, eating habits, or allergy to the environment and population can be increased. Vitamin D deficiency and smoking, especially young women, "said Brezhnu.

It is frequently encountered in women

"Multicross sclerosis does not come from the tribe to tribe, but it is more commonly seen in people with the disease than in the rest of the population," says three times more SZSM adolescents and nearly a dozen neurologist, most sclerosis is the most common neurological disorder that leads to disability.

As a major achievement in the treatment and diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, neuropathologist recommends new methods of medication testing and their introduction into medical practice. "Magnetic resonance imaging is the only way to detect nerve fibers. We also compare the effectiveness of treatment, "says Brezhni.

Progress in the study led to the emergence of new biological treatment that could multiplex the sclerosis. "Earlier, the patient had a brief diagnosis of ontogenesis and did not advise women to have children, but nowadays the patient has a full life, cares for the family, and disability has been delayed for more than 15 years," said SZSM representatives.

The main thing is diet

Modern medicines require funding, but it is fully covered by medical insurance companies in Slovakia. About 2000 patients are treated in this country, and in 2016, health insurance companies have invested more than 44 million euros. "But the patient pays for vitamins and emollients, for example, muscle relaxation or pain," said the union.

"In multiple sclerosis treatment centers, we would like to have a bedsheet outpatient clinic, except for outpatient neurological diseases that can be cured immediately, that is, sudden burning and clinical deterioration of the condition. There should be other medical professionals such as an ophthalmologist, urologist, rehabilitation worker, psychologist. Also, a sociologist or a lawyer. We want to receive extensive assistance in some of the Western European countries, "Fyntor said.

Stretching with other patients is part of psychotherapy

Employees from the Labor, Social Affairs and Family Administration receive various compensation benefits, purchase uninterrupted renovations, or purchase a car for a particular car, depending on the degree of disability. In a social insurance company, she can apply for a disability pension.

SZSM includes 25 clubs in Slovakia. They organize various events and workshops with practical demonstrators for their members and others. Also restore. "Meeting of patients with multiple sclerosis is a part of psychotherapy," FN Fayneor said. An annual part of the annual SISC activities – a competition for the possibilities and skills of people with disabilities within the framework of annual SISC events . lot.

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