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Toyota has made significant progress, and the company has improved its annual forecast


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Tokyo on November 6. (TASR) – Japan's Toyota car maker has improved its annual revenue after a strong growth in the first half of this year. This led to the increase in sales and the simultaneous reduction of costs.

The company has reached 1.24 trillion yen (9.63 billion euros) net profit until the end of the six months. According to the annual comparison, this represents a 16% increase. Analysts, who count 10% of profit, surpassed expectations.

Sales volume increased by 3.4% to 14.7 trillion. It noted the steady growth of sales of cars in all major markets, Asia, North America and Europe.

However, the outcome has greatly affected the cost reduction. "Toyota also achieved tremendous results in the first months of this year," AFP's Japanese consulting firm TIW Sato Takad said.

The company has improved its forecast for profit for the year to the end of March. Net income is $ 2 billion. The owner has 2 billion dollars. On the other hand, even though Toyota has fulfilled its forecast, it will be much weaker than the previous business year, a record 2.49 trillion yen.

Aristotle also raises uncertainties regarding import tariffs for cars in the United States. Washington has postponed this step, but may change later. "At present, the risk of introducing additional import duties on Japanese cars is not threatened, but this does not happen because of the results of trade negotiations between the United States and Japan, Takad added.

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