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Vaccines should be considered by pregnant women who can protect the child


During pregnancy, the immune system of the female body is subject to several changes that facilitate the development of infectious diseases.

In pregnancy, influenza may cause serious complications to the fetus, not the mother. In some cases death may also occur. Miroslav Kotek, a gynecologist, assessed the issue of vaccination of pregnant women.

Before the pregnancy, the gynecologist says that the vaccination is mandatory. Live vaccines should be taken at least one month before scheduled pregnancy.

"The most important thing is that if their wife is unsuccessful, she should be slaughtered. Unhealthy vaccines may be given before and during pregnancy, as well as during pregnancy. Every pregnant woman should be vaccinated against influenza every year from October to December, and vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus and black cough during the 28th and 37th weeks of pregnancy, The patient was offered a vaccination for the patient's health and age.

According to Kotek, during pregnancy, influenza can lead to complications of the mother and fetus. According to him, in 2009 in Slovakia 6 women pregnant women died from pandemic influenza, which is 46,15%.

Also, postpartum vaccination is important

The gynecologist also notes that mothers in the baby are rarely found in direct pregnancy, but may cause a decrease in pregnancy for the first three months of pregnancy. He noted that influenza viruses can break the nervous tube of the fetus. Infected infected mothers may also be lagging behind their baby growth.

The gynecologist also recalls the importance of postpartum vaccination of the woman. "Now a child suffers from a mother. Getting pregnant immediately after birth is safe even when nursing the mother. A pregnant woman who has been vaccinated against diarrhea and black cough should be vaccinated immediately after birth, if she has not been cured for the past five years, Cats have been added. Antibodies that pass from the placenta after the vaccination of pregnant women are formed within two weeks.

The doctor has noted that pregnant women are properly documented and safe for their mother and child.

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