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VIDEO made Napoleon de Janov happy duel: Hamshik played the whole game again


Marek Hamshik
Marek Hamshik

Football players of RIM Napoli football team took place on Saturday in the 12th round of the biggest Italian competition 2-1. In the first half Fabian Ruiz was equalized after an hour's play, and the result was 86 minutes when Davis Birashche was able to reach his goal. Slovak midfielder Marek Hamik played for the whole game for Napoli. Duel has briefly dwelled on the second game for a small lawn.

The pharma defeated Turin 2: 1 in their field. The home team played six consecutive games, but their series ended in a draw in the first half of the match with Gervinheim and Robert Inglés.

Round 12 – Resume:
F1 Turin – Parma 1: 2 (1: 2)

Purposes: 37. Basellie – 9. Gervino, 25. English

S.P.A.L. 2013 – Cagliari 2: 2 (1: 0)

Purposes: 3. Petagna, 71. Antenucci – 73. Povolti, 76. Ionita

FC Genova – Napoli 1: 2 (1: 0)

Purpose: 20. Confectionery – 62. Ruiz, 86. Birashchi (self)
/ Marek Hamshik (Naples) played the whole game /

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